Kaishi’s Weapon Pack Mod

Weapons are one of the most important factors in the world of Minecraft, you really need them with you all the time as everything can eventually happen like hordes of zombie while preparing agricultural area or creeper sneaking up behind while mining. However, that’s not the problem at all, the real problem is the freaking same old weapon that we use it over and over, repair and recraft the same is something really annoying, why can’t Vanilla Minecraft give us some new weapons as the patch progress. Never mind, you can have this Kaishi’s Weapon Pack Mod installed instead.




Kaishi’s Weapon Pack Mod is not really the most innovative and the most impressive mod out there because there have been plenty of related mods before. However, this mod is still worth trying out because of the unique design of the weapons that are really in high quality and truly attractive as well as the amount of weapons added are unbelievably insane. This mod currently features probably every single kind of weapon that you can picture in your imagination. The weapons feature one-handed weapons as well for those who want more mobility. Also, there are two-handed weapons as well for the massive damage. If you wish to shred your enemies, then you can have claws equipped. Axe now is not supposed to use as tree chopper anymore as it will annihilate anyone who get in the way. If you wish to attack foes while keeping them at range, then lances would be in choices. That’s pretty much about this mod. However, if you think that are all you get from it, you are wrong because of a variety of this mod is absolutely massive and incredible which is actually the main important reasons that make this mod worth trying out!

In addition, you even get your hands on a new useful set of armor which is known as the Catarina Armor. Its durability is close to a set of diamond armor. Another good point of this mod is that the recipes are not what you must be looking into at all because most of them can be crafted with ease as well as the materials used for a single weapon is not that expensive at all. Kaishi’s Weapon Pack Mod is truly one of the most considerable weapon mod out there that will be worth to try out for 100%.

Kaishi’s Weapon Pack Mod Main Features

  • As the name already suggested, this mod simply implements tons of new weapons into the world of Minecraft

Kaishi’s Weapon Pack Mod Pros and Cons


  • Each weapon design actually come with high quality and also individually unique as well
  • Tons upon tons of weapons as choices to choose and use from, this can help players to improve their fighting mechanics variously
  • This mod seems to be extremely suitable for medieval theme


  • The numbers of new weapons added are insane, so you might not be able to enjoy them all in a short period of time
  • All of these new weapons will be added once you install the mod, but before that you need to install Minecraft Forge first and it’s heavily required

How to install Kaishi’s Weapon Pack Mod

  1. This mod require Minecraft Forge, so download and install it first
  2. Download Kaishi’s Weapon Pack Mod from the link given below
  3. Be sure to select and download the version that you want to play with and also the suitable verison to your game
  4. Open up the search browser and type in %appdata%
  5. Look for your .minecraft folder, open it and find mods folder
  6. Drag and drop the downloaded .zip file into the mods folder
  7. Enjoy
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