Kingdom of the Wither Skull Map

It’s already enough with the survival maps, now we will focus more on the adventure map probably because of the storyline of the adventure map is much more interesting and there will be more options of choices for you to choose playing with as it provides you the more variety of the gameplay, you will even enjoy playing with it much more and the map that offers you the adventure stuff called Kingdom of the Wither Skull Map will eventually give you tons of fun.

Kingdom of the Wither Skull Map

Kingdom of the Wither Skull Map

Kingdom of the Wither Skull Map

Kingdom of the Wither Skull Map is a really interesting map based on the adventure maps. When it comes to adventure map, of course you will have the mission or goal. Your mission is so simple which you have to find and return the stolen ancient wither skull, does it sound familiar with the titles hehe? Even if your mission is simple, but the way you are going to achieve it is not that easy and simple though. Because you will have to go through so many several of mazes, parkour, and traps.

These are the things that you have to go through while finding yourself precious gems like those emeralds on your way to the end as you can keep it to yourself as well. Moreover, if you find this map fun, try to bring along some friends to enjoy playing with you and you will know what the double fun is provided because this map also supports the multi-player as well. It’s going to be no problem playing this map, but if you are going to play it on a server, you should set the command blocks to TRUE. Importantly, even if this map is based on the adventure map with a heavy parkour and light puzzle, but it seems to apply the use of different puzzle mechanics into the aspect of gameplay.

This Kingdom of the Wither Skull Map is another interesting way to enjoy the game Minecraft without having to strictly to the same old rules that cover you in the box of glass. If you are looking for a map to play with yourself aside from the boring survival normal world, this one is heavily suggested.

Kingdom of the Wither Skull Map Main Features

  • This map is based on the adventure maps
  • Custom terrain provided
  • Decent parkour provided
  • The puzzle mechanics used to make the aspect of the game freshly brand new

Kingdom of the Wither Skull Map Pros and Cons


  • This map is lovely and cool by the storyline and the mission that you have to follow strictly
  • There is the use of grappling hook system as the new mechanic where you can enjoy the new way of playing with the map
  • There is the custom terrain which is cool
  • The decent and pretty hard parkour which is pretty interesting and challenging


  • On the way back is much harder than the way you made your first step
  • There is no other stories aside from Find the Wither Skull
  • It has the anticlimactic ending or the map is too short

How to install Kingdom of the Wither Skull Map

  1. Navigate yourself into your Minecraft directory
  2. Head into saves folder
  3. Download the map file named Kingdom of the Wither Skull Map in this page which is highlighted below
  4. Simply drop the downloaded file into the saves folder
  5. All done, select the new map and apply in-game
  6. Finished
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