Kirby Enemy Mod

Are you heard about the Kirby’s adventures game before? If you did not , I am going to tell you some information of this game. This game is about adventure in the world of cute and beautiful. At the same time, you have to defeat the enemies during the way to arrive the safe area. So, how about if this game modify to be the Minecraft mod? Now, i know all of you may imagine that how it could be in this game? So, you can see all cute Kirby’s characters in Minecraft game by installing Kirby Enemy Mod and the cuteness will appear on this game for you and your friend.

Kirby Enemy Mod

Kirby Enemy Mod

Kirby Enemy Mod

Kirby Enemy Mod is very interesting mod that will make you smile while playing this game. This is because of the Waddle-Dee’s cuteness and other characters. Moreover, you can spawn them more and more that you want by using single player commands. In additional, they are not only come out for showing you or decorate in your map but you can get a cookie by killing them also. So you should try this mod and be confident in this mod, because it will be constantly updated surely!

Moreover, this mod is proper for every ages and every players who play this game, you can take your friends to enjoy Kirby Enemy Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.7.2 with you. So, you should not miss to try this mod.

Kirby Enemy Mod Main Features

  • There are many characters in Kirby added into this mod.
  • They also drop a cookie after killed it.

Kirby Enemy Mod Pros and Cons


  • You can play Minecraft and Kirby at the same time.
  • If you kill them it will drop a cookie for you.
  • Reduce stress by seeing their faces.
  • It is proper for every ages, old player and new player.


  • It is not full complete, so, it is still lacking the many characters from Kirby.

Kirby Enemy Mod Change logs

  • Fixed some bug.
  • Compatibility with current minecraft version.

How to install Kirby Enemy Mod

  1. Download the Kirby Enemy Mod
  2. Click start button and browse to %appdata% and look for .minecraft>bins.
  3. Open the downloaded file.
  4. Open Minecraft.jar  by using 7zip or winrar.
  5. Take all content in the downloaded folder into Minecraft. jar
  6. Enjoy in the world cute:)
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