KleeSlabs Mod

Which will allow you guys to break double slab in one half. However, that is broken depends on which half you’re looking. Also, KleeSlabs Mod that supports with vanilla slabs and a few modded slabs.

KleeSlabs Mod

It’s pretty nice version that made by suggestion of Kleetho, but this project is BlayTheNinth’s. So, if you follower this developer, let’s check this mod out.

KleeSlabs Mod Main Features

  • This mod Support with other mod such as the Quark, Botania, BiomesOPlenty, Forestry.
  • And working very well with the mod for minecraft 1.7.10 like : the Applied Energistics 2, Thaumcraft, Thaumic Tinkerer, Witchery.

KleeSlabs Mod Pros and Cons


  • This mod also working very well in last version of minecraft
  • That help you to break one half of a double slab easier.


  • Still need the minecraft forge before playing the mod

How to install KleeSlabs Mod

  1. Download and install the Forge, without this you game will crash.
  2. Download the KleeSlabs Mod
  3. Go to you run on start menu bar
  4. Type %appdata%
  5. Drag and drop the file download .jar into the mods folder
  6. Launcher your minecraft game and check the mod.
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