Last Days Texture Pack is the best work for Minecraft, It was a texture pack started by Doku. the creator of the ever popular RPG pack.  “Last Days” have been postponed for a long time by who or whatever. Now! Is last update for new Minecraft version, If you want to get download any version, you can find here. I’ve compiled “Last Days Texture Pack” all version at here. The goal of Last Days is to take doku’s brilliant foundational work and bring it to its logical conclusion a full scale, game changing, texture and sound overhaul which takes full advantage of the existing mechanics of minecraft and brings them into a post apocalyptic setting. So, if you love like this pack, don’t miss this version. Last, if you find other version for Last Days Texture Pack, Please share your link download for other version new and old at here.  Finally, If you want to get other mod, map ,texture pack, and skin. Go to Minecraft homepage!

Last Days Texture Pack Feature :

-Update last version for Minecraft 1.4.7 and earlier version
-Add Sound Packs

Last Days Texture Pack Planned Features :

1. A custom recorded sound track.
2. A full written lore-Being worked on!
3. Snow biome overhaul
4. Lots and lots of alternate textures

How to Install Last Days Texture Pack

  1. Download Last Days Texture Pack
  2. Download Optifine or MCPatcher HD
  3. Next, Run The patcher and Run the game normally
  4. Just, Open “Texture packs” folder
  5. Copy and Place Last into your texture pack (with-out unzip)
  6. Open your game and select Last Days
  7. Let’s play!!! this Last Days Texture Pack

Credit by dereksmith

Download Last Days Texture Pack

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