Legendary Beasts Mod

Have you ever had the experience of fighting a new form, which has never happened in the game Minecraft before? Today I am pleased to present new work which has been recognized by global players. And it has been developed and continuously improved to be high performance. Just download and install the Legendary Beasts Mod, it will help you find new legendary beasts (mobs) within the game.

Legendary Beasts Mod

Legendary Beasts Mod

Legendary Beasts Mod Main Features

Legendary Beasts Mod will add features and new experience in gaming. Sure, this is an amazing performance that will change your world. Also, adding more mythical beast, and it has also been improved in the future.

Type of mythical animals divided into 5 types :

  1. Fire Demon (mobs) it has a special feature that allows players to injury from burning if you are near it. Moreover, the less damage it will cause the player receives damage equal lava. You can not fight it easily. Sometimes you will need to use long range weapons such as bows, spears for combat or other.
  2. Ender Lord (mobs) it has the ability to offer unique and unlike any other. Is the ability for Teleport. This is a special feature that will surprise you every time you fight him. So the fight with him is not easy. However, if you fight in a while, you will find that it has the ability to live in the lava. So do not let him go in there. It may be that you can not defeat him.
  3. Lightning Spirit (mobs) it is certainly that the ability of the power of lightning. If you want to find it. You can look at the blue cloud in the sky. This is the place where they live. So you should be careful when you live it in the water. Power of lightning sends a devastating impact on the players. It allows you to get hurt. Obviously, if the power by the tides. Power is increased to double2 times.
  4. Elf Hunter (mobs) it has the ability to shoot great. In addition, it also features arrows of poison and fire. So you need to be careful because it will randomly attack, however, it can attack you from a distance. So you might get hurt in the fight easy.
  5. Snow Beast (mobs) it has the ability to fight like no other. If you fight with him You will need to use a weapon related to the fire. Because it does not like fire and lava. It will attack you by throwing some cold snow you. So you must be careful and do not make it angry.

Legendary Beasts Mod Changelogs

  • Fix and update new release version
  • add new Legendary Beasts

How to install Legendary Beasts Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
  2. Go to %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft
  3. Then go to create a folder mods
  4. Open the folder and drop the downloaded zip file into your mods folder.
  5. Go to your minecraft and done!