LegoPak Texture Pack

What do you get when you add MineCraft and Lego together? The answer is LegoPak Texture Pack this will change everything in MineCraft to look like they are made from block of Lego being build together. Whether it NPC, animals and skeletons army, they all look like Lego!

LegoPak Texture Pack

LegoPak Texture Pack 1

LegoPak Texture Pack 2

What you will get form LegoPak Texture Pack is the environment being created by this pack to make it feel like Lego world. You will be back playing with Lego but instead of playing in Real life world, now you get to play with Lego in MineCraft world instead. The pack come in 16 x 16 resolution. This texture pack is very well made and it look very smooth and nice overall. The monsters look especially adorable with this pack on, it make your heart melt when you have to destroy and kill them.

LegoPak Texture Pack currently is not one hundred percent complete, it is still complete enough and good enough to play with. If you love Lego and you absolutely cannot stop playing MineCraft then this pack is definitely for you. Remember to show your support by liking us on this website and page so we can continue to update you on what going on in MineCraft world.

LegoPak Texture Pack Main Features

  • Completely remade the whole MineCraft texture pack to look like Lego
  • Resolution 32 x 32
  • Require MCPatcher

LegoPak Texture Pack Pros and Cons


  • MineCraft and Lego what can go wrong
  • Look very smooth and nice and very refreshing


  • Require MCPatcher
  • Lego Craft Texture Pack Change Log
  • Compatible with the latest MineCraft

How to install LegoPak Texture Pack

  1. Download Lego Craft Texture Pack from our download link below
  2. Start up Minecraft and click Options button choose Resource Packs
  3. Copy and Paste this into resource packs folder
  4. Remember to choose this pack before playing
  5. Open the game Minecraft
  6. Select in the list
  7. Done!
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