Level Up HP Mod

Common guys! So, today we have another mod for you guys. Level Up HP Mod this is a mod that adds new feature RPG style HP upgrades which allows you to gain HP-XP whenever you kill mob, these features will work and this will make you healthier and stronger. If you guys want to check HP-LVL progress, just type /hp command.

Level Up HP Mod

Level Up HP Mod 1

Level Up HP Mod 2

Level Up HP Mod 3

However, Level Up HP Mod it is designed with mod pack and servers that help you to get fully configurable. So, with these special features, It will allow you to configure the starting HP and maximum HP as you want. Remember that your HP and Xp will increase every time you level up and features are reset HP-LVL whenever you die.

More than that, you can use special commands to help you manage experience, health points and level in the game for all players. Type /luhp command that gives you to manage HP-XP and HP-LVL. Hope you guys enjoyed!

Level Up HP Mod Main Features

  • If you are looking for a new experience with your team or other players.
  • This is a mod that is designe for use in community servers, which will help you to configurable HP-XP to maximum or lower in the way you want.

Level Up HP Mod Pros and Cons


  • These features that adds 2 new command to help your game get more fun /hp for check HP-LVL progress, and /luhp command that will allow you to manage HP-XP and HP-LVL


  • This is the latest version 1.11.2, which is not designe to work with previous versions.
  • Require to install ShadowMC and Forgelin, it is possible to work together with this mod

How to install Level Up HP Mod

  1. Download and install ShadowMC and Forgelin, before install this mod
  2. Require Minecraft Forge and install it
  3. Don’t forget to download the Level Up HP Mod
  4. Go to run on start menu bar of windows
  5. Browse to %appdata%
  6. Open your .minecraft folder and find the mods folder
  7. Drag and drop the downloaded file .jar into the mods folder
  8. Then, open the game and run
  9. Done!
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