LightningCraft Mod

If you would like your game to have an incredible amount of in-depth and different details and gameplay, this LightningCraft Mod would totally meet your needs and satisfaction for sure. This is a mod that will do exactly just like the title suggest which will allow you to store and implement or utilize the power of lightning in multitudes of tasks provided in the mod.

LightningCraft Mod

LightningCraft Mod

LightningCraft Mod

LightningCraft Mod is a mod that would be extremely useful as well as incredibly dangerous at the same time, so it might be called the two-edged sword. It has design to gives players to do something new and special that they have never been allowed to do before. That is to be able to harness the immersive power of lightning and utilize it in various different ways. For all of them would totally benefit you quite well.

This mod is actually one of the mod that has the biggest potential as it allows you to do something that is literally impossible in normal gameplay. With this mod, you can even make or create the air terminals and some special power cells which can use to store up the lightning energy. Then, they will perform to summon lightning in with sequence of motions. You can even make completely different kinds of kinetic tools which will rely on this power and some other things as well.

There are so things that you could utilize using this LightningCraft Mod though. Of course, something like this mod would be too real to be exist if they are at this powerful stage though, so using the power of lightning too much might cause you to be a sidekick as well, so there are like new creatures that will be sent once you’ve used the power of this thing way too many time.

LightningCraft Mod Main Features

  • There are so many new recipes add which can craft by using the power of the lightning and some new items add by the mod
  • This mod has design to give Minecraft much more in-depth details with interesting and new content by storing and using the power of lightning
  • There are some creatures that will sent once you’ve too many times of this power to conquer the world

LightningCraft Mod Pros and Cons


  • As the god sends the creatures to stop you from using this power, it’s a pretty interesting plot that make you realize that you are in the wrong part of your mind
  • With this mod installed, your game will have so many new contents that will totally blow your mind with the uses of lightning power
  • This mod is absolutely excellent and highly useful mod that will enhance the gameplay experience


  • This mod might be a little bit complicate when trying to figure out every single piece of new stuff add about how they all work
  • Minecraft Forge is absolutely required for this mod to operate without any missing part of the mod as well as helping to stabilize the game not to crash

How to install LightningCraft Mod

  1. Download LightningCraft Mod from the link download below, scroll down until you see the highlighted one
  2. Download Minecraft Forge with the most compatible version comparing to your game
  3. Go to %appdata% and look for .minecraft folder
  4. Head into mods folder
  5. Copy the downloaded mod file and paste it into the mods folder
  6. All done
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