LIIE’s Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

Unlike any other resource packs that only focus to change just a few things in the game, LIIE’s Resource Pack intends to make every single thing look unique and different in its own way, from the scratch to the gold. That’s what is really good about this awesome pack. Would you like to see it in action, here is some of the screenshots that will help to make your decision wisely.

LIIE’s Resource Pack

LIIE’s Resource Pack

LIIE’s Resource Pack

LIIE’s Resource Pack is a pretty cool and new map that was just released recently. The resolution of this resource pack is 64×64. With this high resolution, you are going to see all the textures designed clearly and beautifully. What is actually the main character in this pack is the armor texture design. It looks completely different as the designs look pretty nice for the detail on the core of the iron armor. The colors for the diamond gear changed too! Moreover, textures in this pack look softly which you don’t have to strain your eyes. It will be pretty much like the cartoon style as it provides mostly the smoothness, but it also retain a certain realism as well. More than that, if you clearly see on the terrain or the floor, you will see that this pack even textures the grass which is the actual grass growing on the dirt which look really cartoonish and realistic. It also contains quite a few number of 3D models for some items and blocks as well. It’s going to be best look when you combine this pack with some mod like connected glass or even shader pack, that will completely change and give you the new aspect of the game.

This LIIE’s Resource Pack is actually one of the most unique resource pack with the simple style of cartoonish based theme and realism that will blow your mind with its smoothness. Everything looks and blend perfectly together. It’s going to be such a huge change to the world of Minecraft with this pack being played.

LIIE’s Resource Pack Main Features

  • The resolution of 64x and 128x add-on
  • Texture and tile detailed look so neatly smooth
  • Unique textures for most of every single block

LIIE’s Resource Pack Pros and Cons


  • With this high resolution, your whole world will look incredibly good and all the textures can be seen clearly
  • Its smoothness and soft textures will be very pleasant to the eyes without you having to strain
  • Some of the items and blocks are 3D model


  • The resolution of this resource pack is in the HD group, so it will probably affect your FPS to go up and down unstably, sometimes you might be lag or game crashed if you don’t have a good graphic computer
  • This pack is not really finished currently, as there are something still on work
  • Due to its high quality and resolution, you are going to need the Optifine to help running the pack properly without any problem

How to install LIIE’s Resource Pack

  1. Optifine required, download and install it first
  2. Download LIIE’s Resource Pack
  3. Be sure to select and download the most compatible version for both of the Optifine and the resource pack
  4. Go to %appdata%
  5. Look for .minecraft folder and open it
  6. Find resourcepacks folder and go into it
  7. Copy the downloaded resource pack file and paste it into the resourcepacks folder
  8. Start the game
  9. Select the new resource pack and apply
  10. Have fun
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