LiteLoader Mod

You might know that installation for every mod is kind of tiresome. Some mod will crashed your game, and you have to find the way to solve it as well. So, I suggest you to try this LiteLoader Mod which will help you do it easier that will change the client in some way, but it will help to install it only for a lower mod spec which do not really need to use a powerful help from Minecraft Forge.

LiteLoader Mod

LiteLoader Mod 1

LiteLoader Mod 2

Most of you guys might not know what is LiteLoader Mod. It is a booter which will boot mod which is light and it is designed to work for basic loading of all mods. Also, you don’t have to adjust or even change the game mechanics and it is also designed to work really well with ModLoader and Minecraft Forge, and will cause no conflicts. If you think that only Forge or ModLoader can work well without this mod you might ask for a reason, why we have to use this? This is because it is made for smaller mods, such as; minimap mods and chat tabs mod. If your mod does not need to use a single block or even item ID.

If you are using forge you can also run LiteLoader because they are design to coexist, you can install both without any problems. Be sure to check this very cool mod which will help to save your time.

LiteLoader Mod Main Features

  • Full support for all features
  • Enabling and disabling mods in-game supported

How to install LiteLoader Mod

  1. Firstly, you must run the game at lease once before start
  2. Download the LiteLoader Mod
  3. Run the installer, select your .minecraft folder
  4. By Browse to %appdata%
  5. Then, select any additional Tweaks that you are going to apply to the profile
  6. Click OK to create the profile
  7. Start the Minecraft Launcher and choose the LoteLoader profile
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