Little Insignificant Things Mod

Another interesting mod that tends to simply use the existing things in Minecraft and scale them up or level them up by adding some more new and useful features to them is the mod called Little Insignificant Things Mod. Please, ignore the fact about its name as it’s not that little and not insignificant at all. They become much better and probably one of the most convenient and useful mod.



Little Insignificant Things Mod is a mod that has been designed to improve the existing items in-game which are included the chest, crafting table and furnace. You might have no idea how it can help to improve those things right? So, here’s the idea. They are simply new blocks, but still remain the ability of the based original characteristics. The improved chest will add more row to the storage inventory that allows you to be able to store more items than before. Also, it’s extremely useful that you can actually bring the whole block while all the items remaining inside to anywhere that you want and can be placed later. It basically means that all the items inside the improved chest won’t drop out upon breaking. Next, the improve crafting table, this one will simply help you to see and display about what you are going to craft which is really not that useful because people won’t often make that mistake though. However, it just gives players new way to enjoy crafting. Lastly, the improved furnace, they come with various upgrades with special characteristics and statistics that you can pick to use them efficiently according to your preferences.

If you think that this Little Insignificant Things Mod has potential and choose improve all the necessary blocks or items with better features, be sure to give it a go and let’s see what’s your opinion towards this mod. You can be the one who help to improve this mod. More than that, every single feature provided by this mod is not that overpowered which won’t make the game stray too far from the original concept as well as won’t ruin the game.

Little Insignificant Things Mod Main Features

  • This mod implements three major things including the Chest, Crafting Table, and the Furnace with the improved versions
  • Improved Chest will have an additional row and it won’t drop any items upon mining as well
  • Improved Crafting Table will allow you to display what you’re about to make as well as retain the entirety in inventory
  • Improved Furnace simply allows you to convert any solid fuel into a buffer then can be drawn every from

Little Insignificant Things Mod Pros and Cons


  • What is extremely useful about this mod is that the feature for the chest and crafting table that won’t drop any single item placed in there upon breaking
  • Also, having more row of storage inventory, that is really useful
  • The new crafting table is truly enjoyable


  • There is still a terrible dupe bug with the improved worktable even though it’s shown that it has been fixed already from the changelogs
  • This mod requires Minecraft Forge

How to install Little Insignificant Things Mod

  1. Download Little Insignificant Things Mod from the link download below and be sure to download the most compatible version or the same version with your game
  2. Download Minecraft Forge with the same version as your game
  3. Install Minecraft Forge
  4. Copy the downloaded mod file
  5. Navigate yourself into Minecraft directory and look for mods folder
  6. Place the file that you just copied into this folder
  7. All done and have fun
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