Locked Inside Map

Have you ever found yourself trapped in the place that you don’t even know where you are with puzzles? If you have experienced that feelings, what if you have to face it again, this time you will have all the problem solving tools? You have all the clues to get yourself out of here? Or just use only your brain to figure out everything inside this Locked Inside Map.

Locked Inside Map

Locked Inside Map

Locked Inside Map

Locked Inside Map is a map made by TheHumblePlayer. This map is quite like a survival map that mostly related to puzzle and escape. Basically, this map will take you or the players into the enigmatic heart of a chest. You somehow got yourself trapped and locked inside the chest which you have to survive and try to find the way out before you are hungry to death. There are currently 3 floors which every puzzle in this map are all interesting and well-designed. Also, this map was not only designed to be challenging, but also to give the players some fun. As you can see some pictures of the map above, please try it out, rate it, love it, hate it and voice your opinion in the comments below. If you have played and gone through all the puzzle, you will probably know that the redstone and the command blocks are really well done and the way the owner of this map use the testfor for the book name was interesting and the block puzzle was super cool!

If you still cannot get it together whether you will go for this map or not, I would say, you’d better try it out first to see all the features given by this map. By the way, those who are interested and will play this map, here is a hint; there will only be one puzzle in the Locked Inside Map.

Locked Inside Map Main Features

  • This map comes up with a puzzle style which all you have to do is to solve the puzzle, escape or find the way out of the place you are locked in
  • The players are taken into the enigmatic heart of a chest which there are three floors

Locked Inside Map Pros and Cons


  • This map is like an escape map that you have to solve the puzzle which means that it contains a lot of fun and also some challenges


  • There is still a bug that you might be spawned out of nowhere
  • Some minor bugs that are still in solving progress
  • The map is too short

How to install Locked Inside Map

  1. Download Locked Inside Map with .jar or .rar file in the link download
  2. Select the version that is the most suitable comparing to your game’s version
  3. Go to %appdata%
  4. Head into roaming folder and look for .minecraft
  5. Find saves folder and simply put the downloaded map into the saves folder
  6. All done
  7. Choose the new map from your main menu in-game and have fun!
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