Logic Map

This Logic Map is actually one of the most fantastic Minecraft map that I’ve ever experienced so far which everything blends together perfectly to the concept of parkour and puzzle. These two actually go so well in any map designs, but I find this one most interesting and exciting to play with, so I share with you guys.

Logic Map

Logic Map

Logic Map is a map based on puzzle and parkour through the adventure. Basically, when there is puzzle and parkour involved, that map will usually become increasingly difficult as you progress through. When start playing the map, it’s pretty easy but when it’s close to the end, it will be very challenging and difficult that requires players with such high skills to finish the game. This map is actually quite short in terms of gameplay time, but with its intriguing and challenging stuff provided is the point that you must consider in giving it a go to enjoy the brand new experience of the combination between parkour and puzzle. There are currently 4 levels for you to go through the map which each of the level will follow the same format. In the first level or the first part, you need to find the necessary buttons that you have to complete the puzzle sequences and press the button to go to the next level. Once you’ve pressed the button, then the area will be open and what you have to do next is to run through with your best parkour skills as quickly as possible. As mentioned, that they all have the same formats, so you just repeat the same way you did before in the first level, but with more complicated and complex puzzle and parkour sequences.

This map provides players such an amazing experience with the combination between the puzzle and parkour to enjoy with and they come in format which is more interesting than any other puzzle and parkour map that tend to bring them out together in one piece. This Logic Map is totally worth trying that won’t waste your time for sure.

Logic Map Main Features

  • There are 4 levels of gameplay where every single of them has the same pattern or format where you have to solve puzzle for button and when button is pressed, the hidden area will be open and you just have to parkour through as quickly as possible to go to the next level
  • The difficulty of each level will increase as you progress through

Logic Map Pros and Cons


  • Even if there is nothing about the featuring gameplay of Minecraft 1.9 version, still the map does a great job of blending puzzle and parkour gameplay together to be the new concepts which is extremely enjoyable
  • The brand new experience of the combination between parkour and puzzle that provide players such unique experience unlike any other


  • This is just a short adventure and survival map based on the puzzle and parkour that only tries to blend them together to be a new way to enjoy the concept of parkour and puzzle even more, but it’s still the same without any changes where you have to solve the puzzle and jump and run a lot, so it might be less interesting if you think about the map this way

How to install Logic Map

  1. Look for the download link and enter it
  2. Download Logic Map only the version that is the same with your game
  3. Go to %appdata% and look for .minecraft
  4. Open .minecraft folder and find saves folder
  5. Once you open in saves folder, just drop the downloaded file here
  6. Start the game
  7. Select the new map and enjoy the challenge and adventure game!
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