Logistics Pipes Mod

Hi guys, Today I would like to present you about Logistics Pipes ModI think that all of you guys is known that the logistic of the “MInecraft”. There are many different types, depending on whether players are  of the moving system. Let’s me show you in this article.

Logistics Pipes Mod

Okay, I’ll tell you more with some situation of Minecraft. Logistics Pipes Mod can make you more convenient with logistic of crop. You probably already know that the transport of the game is to have the skills to build a circuit for the storage automatically. Moreover, freight in the game also made of together in several ways. Whether using the water to push it down to the desired channel flow and automatic harvesting or walking to the store all by himself, but went at once.

Although not new to build automation on productivity is difficult, but it makes it easier by use the great mod to help you in creating automated harvesting devices. Perhaps, creating automated harvesting equipment may not be as fast as you want. Sometimes you may get the problems with high levels of harvesting or some problem with putting a system crash makes the tool isn’t active, but this excellent has added new item that can help you solve the problems like this more by using the new item.

ฺThis last, I’d like to suggest you again with that mod. This is because it is very useful for player who like the system with automatically harvest or looking for some ability like this. I think that Logistics Pipes Mod is good option for you.

Logistics Pipes Mod Main Features

  • Added new item make more convenient with logistic in your Minecraft
  • Added new item necessary

Logistics Pipes Mod Pros and Cons


  • Moving the product more comfortable
  • Add more options for creating a transport system.
  • Save your time while you harvest your fram
  • Very useful mod


  • There are some bug can not be fixed
  • There are some system in the mod did not work

Logistics Pipes Mod Change Log

  • Added new item for help you with logistic
  • Fixed some bug about font

How to install Logistics Pipes Mod

  1. Download and install Liteloader or Forge (but, I recommend Forge is better)
  2. Download Logistics Pipes Mod at download link below us
  3. Press start, and search for “%appdata%”
  4. Look for “.minecraft” folder
  5. Then, open “mods” folder
  6. Drag all file that you downloaded into “mods” folder
  7. Start game and enjoy it
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