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On November 15, 2013
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Logistics Pipes Mod that amazing and working for last new minecraft version.

Logistics Pipes Mod is amazing version! Download and install Logistics Pipes Mod here. If you ever have a problem with Logistics, this is a version that will allow you to tackle the problem and allows for a better distribution through the data pipe. You will find it easy to set up and you can schedule these tasks automatically. This is a fantastic job, you should not miss. This is a system which has been developed since 2012.

If you encounter problems with the use or Error on this model, please leave your comments below the article below . And do not forget to share this article with your friends.

Finally, thanks to the developers team : davboecki, AartBluestoke, ArtForz, GUIpsp and theZorro266.

Logistics Pipes Mod 1.6.4 and 1.7.2

Logistics Pipes Feature

Logistics Pipes Mod can use it in singleplayer and multiplayer. If you are ready to experience this perfect , please follow the instructions below : To see a video of this version of the study guide, test work on your world.
If you are familiar with these functions, you need the energy now : Logistics Power Junction that needs to be connected with BC/IC2 power and a Basic Logistics Pipe.

Ps this is one of the changes I ‘ve made, you’ll find more if you test it and use it, I hope you will be a great experience for a generation. Finally, please help us by notice if the error on the latest version of Minecraft.

Contact: You can also write an email to [email protected]

Spoiler: 2 Parts 60 min

Spoiler: 3 Parts 30 min

How to install Logistics Pipes Mod

  1. Download Logistics Pipes Mod
  2. Download Minecraft Forge and BuildCraft to run it
  3. Start and then “run”
  4. Type “%appdata%”
  5. Find “.minecraft” folder
  6. Then “bin” folder
  7. Then open “minecraft.jar” with winrar
  8. Extract your mod here
  9. Delete META-INF
  10. Done!