Lost in Time Map

Lately, everything seems to be a little bit boring and it’s getting more boring. Whatever you do in the world of Minecraft seems to be the daily routine which is not fun at all. Are you looking for a new way to entertain and enjoy yourself? If you are, so why don’t you just leave your world just like that and go find something much more interesting to play with in this Lost in Time Map instead? Hope you have fun!

Lost in Time Map

Lost in Time Map

Lost in Time Map

Lost in Time Map was actually created for the first time for Minecraft pocket edition, but now you can enjoy it on PC or on your computer. First of all, this map is based on the time according to the title says. This map is based on the time traveling map that will give you the different experiences of going through each places which are divided into 7 levels including of Lab, Egypt, Pacific Ocean, China, Star Wars, Surprise Level, and Ending. Once you start playing this map, you will be in your lab as you also are a scientist doing your own time machine. One day, something happended and you got sent back in time and the only goal or purpose of this map is that you are going to try to get back to your home. It’s not only about the adventure that you will be enjoying, but also some parts or levels in the map, you will need your brain to solve the puzzles and your personal skills in jumping and running or what we call Parkour. The entire map is freaking awesome if you can see the above picture. The one gathering and showing all the level look pretty much like ant’s nest underground right?

Anyways, if you find this map interesting just by watching and its concept suiting your taste. I would like to heavily recommend loads of fun and the entertainment visually found in this awesome Lost in Time Map that you will never forget how much fun you have playing with this map.

Lost in Time Map Main Features

  • This map is an awesome Sci-Fi Adventure map which can actually be called mini-game in-game as well
  • There are several levels included in this map
  • ISM and World Edit are used to create this map

Lost in Time Map Pros and Cons


  • There are so many levels that you can enjoy playing with it all day long
  • The plot twist is really cool and interesting as you are finding the way back to your house which is the present time as well
  • This map is fully 100% complete


  • There is nothing bad about this awesomely wonderful created map

How to install Lost in Time Map

  1. Download Lost in Time Map from the link download provided below
  2. Inside the download link, select only the version that you think it’s the most compatible one working best with your game
  3. Simply search for %appdata%/.minecraft/saves
  4. Place the downloaded file with .jar here
  5. All done
  6. Select the new map in game
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