Lucky Block Race Map

Have you ever heard of Lucky Block? Of course if you have, it’s a mod right? But you know what in Minecraft 1.9, there is also a lucky block which doesn’t need any mod installed too! But it’s actually based on command. So, today I’ve got a map using that lucky block to be a racing map which will be very fun to play with your friends and it’s called Lucky Block Race Map.

Lucky Block Race Map

Lucky Block Race Map

Lucky Block Race Map

Lucky Block Race Map is just a little and simple custom map based on racing. This map is made by PrisonerX. As I mentioned that this map is a racing map, so it’s requirements are including of two players per round, Minecraft only 1.9 version and that’s it! First of all, when you and your friends start playing with this map, you will be spawned above the sky on the little island where there is a path to go. Be sure not to lose your own path though. Then, before you start, you need to open that chest to pick up the items that you will be needing it for sure. The rule in this race is that you just need to go really fast in your own way and destroy every single lucky block, the golden one. Bad news, there is a surprise! And most of the events inside those lucky blocks are 66% bad and the rest is just medium and good equally. Good news, if your friends don’t know everything about the events inside the lucky block, it’s going to be so much fun watching your friend yelling and crying at you.

It’s going to be a very funny map and it’s really suitable to kill time when you have nothing to do in Minecraft. I really recommend you guys to check and try this Lucky Block Race Map out! Be sure to bring your friends along and don’t spoil them though about the events.

Lucky Block Race Map Main Features

  • This is just a custom map made for racing and who will destroy all the lucky block and go to the goal first

Lucky Block Race Map Pros and Cons


  • If your friends don’t know about the commands used in these lucky block you are going to have loads of fun trolling your friends!
  • Those lucky blocks are made by using commands and most more than 60% when broken will give you bad events, so it’s going to be unexpectedly fun


  • This map is way too simple and plain
  • You can’t play it alone as it’s a race map

How to install Lucky Block Race Map

  1. Navigate yourself into the Minecraft directory
  2. Look for saves folder
  3. Open it
  4. Download the Lucky Block Race Map
  5. Copy the downloaded file
  6. Paste it into the saves folder
  7. Start the game, apply the new map and have fun
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