Luigi’s Mansion Adventure Map

If you looking Adventure map then use this Luigi’s Mansion Adventure Map as your guide line. This map is so perfectly make that you will enjoy it for hours before you solve all the puzzle find all the clue and fight all the bosses.

Luigi's Mansion Adventure Map

Luigi's Mansion Adventure Map

Luigi's Mansion Adventure Map

The story line of this map is really great too. So basically you are the lucky winner of a contest, you won yourself a really big Mansion ( something which you have never seen but a prize with a free Mansion in it sound like something you like ). What you did not know is that this Mansion is haunted. That where Luigi’s Mansion Adventure Map start. So after collecting the prize which is the key to the gate where this Mansion is locate, you decide to move in and enjoy the prize. Little did you know that this choice you make could be the last one that you might ever make. You will get spawn in a forest outside your Mansion, then you will go through a series of tutorial which will help you in this map. Once you are done then you will step into the Mansion itself and go about solving all the riddle and fight all the bosses that are controlling the big room in it.

While Luigi’s Mansion Adventure Map is a remake of Luigi Mansion map, it totally give off a different feel and different theme altogether. The story line in this map might be a bit too troublesome to keep up with ( read all the sign that are displayed along the way those are your story line) but it definitely worth it to follow along the story. What a good game need to have is good story line, good setting, good music and good background system that is playable. You will find yourself stuck in this map for a while and you will not regret that you even start playing this map. Oh i forget to mention that you only get one life, if you die then well you die, you will have to reload the map to play again

Luigi’s Mansion Adventure Map Main Features

  • A very large setting for player to explore
  • Good tutorial walkthrough that explain how this map work
  • Lot of good puzzle and challenging boss fight

Luigi’s Mansion Adventure Map Pros and Cons


  • Very well made map
  • Good tutorial setting
  • Good music that fit the map
  • Puzzle solving is fun
  • Boss fighting is challenging


  • There can be no wrong in this map maybe except for the reason that you require pug in to make this map work

Luigi’s Mansion Adventure Map Change Log

  • Added new puzzle and added new area to explore
  • Fix buggy issue in previous version
  • Compatible with the last MineCraft Version

How to install Luigi’s Mansion Adventure Map

  1. Download and properly install Snap Shot in your computer
  2. Download Luigi’s Mansion Adventure Map from our download link below
  3. Find save folder from Minecraft directory
  4. Copy and paste everything you download into this folder
  5. Start up MineCraft and choose Load game
  6. Done! Happy Gaming Fellow MineCrafter
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