There are a lot of Texture Packs that does not actually improve much with update but LunaCraft Photo Realism Texture Pack is an exception of that. This improve version of an already popular Texture pack will blow your mind off! Those people that like to use world edit to create their fantasy home and earth will love this pack.

LunaCraft Photo Realism Texture Pack

LunaCraft Photo Realism Texture Pack

LunaCraft Photo Realism Texture Pack is freaking awesome in a lot of senses. Whether you are looking for a texture pack that look good with modern theme of building, historical theme building or want a pack that look smooth and pleasant to the eye when you are playing survival mode with your friends then this is the pack that you are looking for.

LunaCraft Photo Realism Texture Pack comes in 32 x 32 resolutions, while it may not come in high-definition value but this allow people with older and low spec computer to run them and enjoy this pack to fullness.

LunaCraft Photo Realism Texture Pack Main Features

  • Smooth nice looking texture
  • It comes in 32 x 32 resolutions
  • This pack fit into a lot of theme, whether it modern looking or historical looking building

LunaCraft Photo Realism Texture Pack Pros and Cons


  • The ultimate mix up pack that look good in whatever type of building you are trying to build
  • It comes in low resolution so this pack will run smoothly in almost most of the computer without losing the looking good factor
  • Significantly improve the overall feature of the pack with the new upgrade


  • This pack is still not 100% complete so there might be some missing features and blocks

LunaCraft Photo Realism Texture Pack Change Log

  • Added a lot of missing texture and blocks that are missing from previous version
  • Fix minor bug
  • Compatible with the latest MineCraft

How to install LunaCraft Photo Realism Texture Pack

  1. Download Texture Pack from our download link below
  2. Open up %appdata% and find .minecraft folder in roaming
  3. Open up .minecraft and find resourcepack folder inside
  4. Copy and paste what you downloaded into this folder
  5. Start up MineCraft
  6. Choose LunaCraft Photo Realism Texture Pack at the game menu
  7. Done! Happy Gaming fellow MineCrafter
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