A Lunar Dream Map

Let’s guess what I have for you guys today? Not just a simple map, but this one is like the best! Overall looks epic and check it out. If you find this project or map interesting, give this A Lunar Dream Map a go then. You can use this map as your base map, and you might create some terrain on the floor below this heaven to make  another. Anyways, do what you want, do what you love to, but don’t forget to have fun!

A Lunar Dream Map

A Lunar Dream Map

A Lunar Dream Map

A Lunar Dream Map is a pretty cool and awesome map which made by ‘MysticAbsents’. All the things included in this map are wonderfully created. It’s one of the best project I have ever seen in my life of playing Minecraft. It looks like it will be close with some other great projects though too. This is honestly so incredible and this project will go to PMC Contest as well, if this one does not win, I will be calling the cops :P. Just kidding, there are some more awesome projects that will go to PMC contest and I think that this one would be fighting well in the contest though.

Those tree just, just beautiful. At the first glance, I didn’t think that this is Minecraft, it can’t be, like what the hell is this beautiful game. It looks so amazing. there is like the phoenix or bird thing which is my favorite that make this project looks far more better. There is also like the dragon or dragon-headed unicorn which absolutely gorgeous! Such an epic work. This map builder involved like just 10 people, just only 10 people can make this map looks so epic. If the creator proudly present to use, why won’t we proudly thank to you back :P.

A Lunar Dream Map Main Features

  • This map is like the heaven which also has some epic legend animal, like phoenix, dragon, dragon-headed unicorn and more

A Lunar Dream Map Pros and Cons


  • This is absolutely beautiful,  just epic that is only the pros for this map


  • This map is just too good! Is that a con? It looks wonderfully too good for us to use, just watching it is enough, just kidding 😛

How to install A Lunar Dream Map

  1. Download A Lunar Dream Map
  2. Browse to your ‘.minecraft’ folder and look for ‘saves’ folder
  3. Drag and drop the downloaded map into the ‘saves’ folder
  4. Launch the game and start with new world that is the new save that you have downloaded
  5. Be ready to get amazed by this epic map
  6. Happy Fellow Minecrafters!
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