Lux Perpetua Adventure Map

This is among the sickest map I’ve ever attempted before and also, since its filled with exciting quests along with a sticky narrative I suggest you this Lux Perpetua Adventure Map, you shouldn’t miss! You awoke inside a tree house that you don’t remember anything.

Lux Perpetua Adventure Map

Soon you begin to restore your memory and also you appreciated that you simply were normally sailing on the ship and all of a sudden you heard a screaming voice, you had been shocked and sacred as the same time frame and that’s whatever you remembered. Just how the heck shall we be held within this tree house? The map quests and objectives will make you the reality that you are trying to find for. You will find vast amounts of dungeons and quests for you personally, with a 7 location multi mission system you’ll have the ability to traverse this locations and stick to the story.

Since it’s a journey map you will find rules that you can break however, you will most likely destroy all of the fun, they’re: Don’t destroy blocks (99% of maps states this), You are able to just take 1 row of chests at any given time, Don’t cheat the businesses (don’t hack ores… please its listed for any reason), you might craft products unlike some adventure map, you are able to kill creatures, You are able to prepare, Don’t craft buttons and levers, Don’t make use of a lever 2 occasions (really stupid, but mentioned it simply just in case), Don’t experience peaceful, enjoy yourself.

Lux Perpetua Adventure Map Main Features

  • Lovely premades, and quests
  • Checkpoints system added (with rewards )
  • Multiple location with various quests
  • A sticky story
  • Puzzles
  • Mazes
  • Challenges
  • Dungeoning and cave exploration

How to install Lux Perpetua Adventure Map

**The suggested packs are simply “there” it’s not necessary to download it, but when you need to possess a better time you can test it with this particular map**

  1. Extract the Lux Perpetua Adventure Map on your hard drive
  2. Relabel it as being something like “world1″
  3. Help you find “.mincraft” by typing “%appdata%” on “run”
  4. Then look for “saves” folder
  5. Place your map here
  6. DONE!
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