M-Ore Mod

Don’t you find yourself can’t get enough for what Vanilla Minecraft have been given to you? If not, so I would like to present you guys this mod which called M-Ore Mod. This is a pretty cool mod that is a must check and download. As I have tried it myself, I guarantee that you will enjoy this awesome mod for sure!

M-Ore Mod

M-Ore Mod

M-Ore Mod

M-Ore Mod is a great mod which will bright your day up because this is the mod that does exactly what the title says which is more new ore added for you to play around with. So, if you feel tired of the old ores that you will have to face them every single day life in Minecraft, so you will no more have to feel like that. I know that this kind of mod have been releasing so many times, but this one is quite unique for me, therefore I would like to recommend you guys to try this one out and let’s see which one is better and which one is the best. The new ores added are included Copper, Ruby, Bronze, Tin, Titanium, Uranium, Sapphire, Meteorite, Silver, Granite, Red Granite, Platinum, Chrome, and Stainless Steel. With those new ores you can use to craft new tools, weapons and armors as well. Similarly, you can also upgrade your iron tools by crafting them with meteorite. There are two things that you couldn’t find in cave which are bronze and stainless steel because you can craft them. Some ore like Chrome ore can be found in the Nether and in the End, Silver in swamp, Platinum in caves, Granite in extremehills and Red Granite in the Nether.

To conclude, if you are the one who are tired of facing the old ores in everyday life in Minecraft, this mod is a must for you guys, do not miss it. You will find yourself become happy again with this mod 😀

M-Ore Mod Main Features

  • Copper ore added
  • Ruby ore added
  • Bronze added
  • Tin added
  • Titanium ore added
  • Uranium ore added
  • Sapphire ore added
  • Meteorite ore added
  • Silver ore added
  • Granite ore added
  • Red Granite ore added
  • Platinum ore added
  • Chrome ore added
  • Stainless Steel added
  • New type of tools, armors, and weapons added which can be crafted by using those new ores added

M-Ore Mod Pros and Cons


  • You can have your new type of tools to do farming
  • You will have new armors with new color and durability, very useful and interesting
  • You will have new weapons to use to slay against your enemies
  • You will no more have to be bored of using ores 😀


  • This mod aims only new ore, so if you expect this mod to have something more, this mod might be not your cup of coffee
  • Even if those new ores are pretty interesting, but what they can do are just the new types of tools, armors, and weapons
  • The last version not complete right now!

How to install M-Ore Mod

  1. Download M-Ore Mod by clicking the download button below
  2. Select the version that you would like to use
  3. Go to %appdata% and open roaming folder
  4. Find .minecraft folder and open it
  5. There will be mods folder, if there is not you might create one yourself
  6. Place the downloaded .rar file into your mods folder
  7. Start the game and check if the mod is installed properly
  8. Enjoy!
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