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This is last update version 0.9.9 for Minecraft 1.4.2, Magic Launcher 0.9.9 It's easy to install and changings your mods in one click, everyone Called Magic Launcher. This is a new Minecraft launcher which can load mods dynamically without changing orpatching the minecraft.jar

Magic Launcher Tools This is the latest version of the update that will help you understand about the installation. I find that many people are experiencing problems with the use of this model. So we would like to explain to you more easily understood will teach you how to set up and explain the model, which makes you understand more rapid is a description of the steps to install the image below . I am sure that many people have commented, Why do not you explain the installation using video or text? Because video is teaching quite long and you need to start it from the beginning. Until the end of the video content for text I am sure that no one likes to read long text. So the picture is a good solution, and the only way to make you understand about teaching.

How to install Magic Launcher Tools

1.Navigate to your minecraft folder

Magic Launcher Tools
2.Then Create a new folder in your minecraft folder (Rename to “zip_mods”)

Magic Launcher Tools
3.Download the Magic Launcher Tools
4.Open it up, then you will see launcher’s main screen (Red point to show different minecraft related sites that you can browse in the launcher, Blue point to a dropdown box with your different configurations)

Magic Launcher Tools
5.Create a new configuration, then click on the “setup” button.
6.Then you will see the “new” button and name the configuration on this screen

Magic Launcher Tools
7.Please look at in this screen, the blue and red point : Both buttons are a very important in this section (Blue point is the “download” button, and Red point are add button). So, If you click “download” button, that will go to Minecraft Forum page. If you click “add” button, that will take you to in the window that pop’s up.

Magic Launcher Tools

8.Pop’s up showing new windows, navigate to your “zip_mods” folder.

Magic Launcher Tools
9.Select the mods what you want, in this section you will see problem found “error”. I recommend you to remove it out.

Magic Launcher Tools
10.Before you remove, you will found everything perfect! Then go to main screen.

Magic Launcher Tools
11.Please, login your id and password

Magic Launcher Tools

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