Majora’s Maskcraft Mod

The Legend of Zelda is one of the very popular game based on that has been used a lot in terms of implement some new contents into the gameplay of Minecraft. Most of them are probably mod, map or even resource pack. All of them totally bring back all the memorable feeling that you’ve already experienced. So, today, I would like to present you guys a new mod that brings back the mask from Majora’s Mask with this Majora’s Maskcraft Mod.


Majora’s Maskcraft Mod is a mod that is simply based on the Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask side-based game that will basically bring and add in a total of 20 different masks that come in form of headgear allowing player to wear. Most of them have their own individual characteristics and statistics which will also give you some special ability like running faster or even hitting harder. Keep in mind that these new masks or headgears, whatever you’d like to call, don’t do any major things at all except that it changes the character’s head look different. Not only these new 20 different masks are added, but it also offers you a single new weapon which is quite powerful. It’s the Iconi Double Helix Sword from Majora’s Mask. Even thought, these all things might not be that new to those who have tried this series of game before, but even those fans today might not even know about this weapon as well. It’s going to be available once you’ve collected every single mask this mod has to offer. After that, simply transform them into the fierce deity. As mentioned that this sword is quite powerful, so any last boss who dare to face against you who are wielding this weapon will be just a piece of cake.

Everything seems to be blend together well perfectly to the concept of the game, but the sword one is a little bit too necessary as it’s being way too powerful in Minecraft. Also, this mod is useful when you know how to utilize everything properly. For instance, using this sword, you already have so much power with it, so the buffs for the mask would be speed not more hitting power. Lastly, this Majora’s Maskcraft Mod can be used perfectly well with any resource packs, maps or mods with the Legend of Zelda related.

Majora’s Maskcraft Mod Main Features

  • This mod has been designed to be based on the Majora’s Mask which is one of the popular series of the Legend of Zelda
  • There are so many new masks added as headpieces that you can wear
  • Each of them is differently unique in terms of characteristics, appearances as well as statistics
  • There is a single new weapon added as well which is the Iconi Double Helix Sword

Majora’s Maskcraft Mod Pros and Cons


  • Not only you get your hands on those new headpieces that come in forms of masks, but also some of them grant you some special abilities like run faster, hit faster, hit harder, something like that
  • The new single weapon added by this mod will make every single opponent that you face become just like a piece of cake


  • Playing with this mod without any knowledge about the based game, you might not get all the full load of fun this mod has to offer
  • The Iconi Double Helix Sword is incredibly way too powerful
  • This mod requires Minecraft Forge to work without any problem

How to install Majora’s Maskcraft Mod

  1. Download Majora’s Maskcraft Mod from the link download given below
  2. Download Minecraft Forge as this mod requires it to work
  3. Be sure to get both files with the most compatible version comparing to your game
  4. Go to %appdata%/.minecraft
  5. Find mods folder and open it
  6. Copy and paste the downloaded mod file into the mods folder
  7. Launch the game and check if the mod is properly installed and worked without any problem
  8. Enjoy
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