MalisisDoors Mod

Imagine if you could have many doors to place in front of your lovely home, how would it be, how would it look like. Don’t you interest about that? If you do, here you are the mod that called MalisisDoors Mod. Let’s see how awesome this mod is by your own experience and your own eyes.

MalisisDoors Mod

MalisisDoors Mod

MalisisDoors Mod

MalisisDoors Mod is a really interesting mod which made by ‘Ordinastie’. This is a mod about new doors added which each of those new doors have really cool textures and designs. Those new animated doors are included new sliding doors, jail doors, laboratory doors, factory doors, shoji doors, garage doors, player sensor, door factory and custom doors.

Importantly, the top and bottom material also accepts a few items for special effects as well. For example, flint & steel gives a fire effect, ender pearl displays nether portal animation, water bucket displays flowing water, and lava bucket displays flowing and those special effects are for custom doors. So, if you have installed this mod and use it, I would recommend you to build the garage door because it looks so cool. Some doors like the sliding doors are quite boring because you can just make the redstone cycle to get it and we have seen it a lot right?

Don’t you have a taste in this mod? If you do, is this MalisisDoors Mod worth enough to be your new cup of coffee? If it is, so download it ahead and play around with it. For those who love building house would be appreciated this awesome mod for sure!

MalisisDoors Mod Main Features

  • Animated doors added
  • New sliding doors added
  • Jail doors added
  • Laboratory doors added
  • Factory doors added
  • Shoji doors added
  • Garage doors added
  • Player Sensor added
  • Door factory and custom doors added

MalisisDoors Mod Pros and Cons


  • There are so many new doors for you to enjoy with including animated doors, new sliding doors, jail doors, laboratory doors, factory doors, shoji doors, garage doors, and door factory and custom doors
  • Each doors have their own individual textures and features
  • Those custom doors have some special effects depending on the top and bottom material


  • This mod requires Minecraft Forge, so you will have to waste a bit of your life time to find the download link, download and install it
  • This is the mod about doors, so if you are those who do not love building things, this mod is not for you though 😛

How to install MalisisDoors Mod

  1. Download and install Modloader or Minecraft Forge first
  2. Download MalisisDoors Mod with .jar that come in term of .zip file
  3. Be sure to select the version that compatible with your Minecraft
  4. Press window button + R to run up the browse menu
  5. Type in %appdata%and click OK
  6. Open in roaming folder, open in .minecraft folder
  7. Create a new folder and name it ‘mods’, but if you already have mods folder, just do not create new one
  8. Simply copy and paste the downloaded file into this folder
  9. All done, and you are ready to craft new doors and enjoy playing around with it!
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