Map Making Tools Mod

Are you having difficulty creating your virtual world with Vanilla? Are you spending a lot of your time filling out details and arranging block with your server? If you are then Map Making Tools Mod is the answer to all of that.

Map Making Tools Mod

Map Making Tools Mod

Map Making Tools Mod

While Vanilla let you create your own virtual server however you want, Map Making Tools Mod actually add more features and fun factor into creating your server. You can create your very own custom head blocks. You can easily fill your ready-made dispensers with whatever item you want. Just with these two features alone it already sound very appealing but that not all there is to this mod. This mod will give you the option to create your own potion effects!

Whether you want to create a potion that increase in speed, strength, health. jump or regeneration, you will be able to do so. You can adjust the level of the effect and the duration too! Basically with this option you can create your very own Superman. Enchantment features is increase, their more option to it and it give you freedom to customize whatever you want. You can edit the enchantment book too.

Map Making Tools Mod will give you the option to further increase your freedom in creating your own adventure maps using Vanilla. It will also make your map stand out with all these extra cool features and effects, This is the a must have for those who love to build and custom their own maps!

Map Making Tools Mod Main Features

  • Added ability to edit map, enchantment and potion
  • Customize head blocks
  • Magic Wand features that make it all possible

Map Making Tools Mod Pros and Cons


  •  Ability to edit map to however you like it


  • Only work with Vanilla

Map Making Tools Mod Change Log

  • You can edit book title now
  • Fixes previous minor bug
  • Compatible with the latest MineCraft version

How to install Map Making Tools Mod

  1. Download and properly install the latest version of MineCraft Forge
  2. Download Mod from our download link below
  3. Search for %appdata% and locate .minecraft folder in roaming
  4. Open up .minecraft folder and locate Minecraft.jar
  5. Open Minecraft.jar with Win-RaR and delete Meta.inf file
  6. Copy and paste the Map Making Tools Mod into core-mods folder
  7. Done! Happy Gaming fellow MineCrafter
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