Medieval Texture Pack For Minecraft 1.8/1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

Hi! Today I would like to present you about Medieval Texture Pack. This is the build that back up again after a long hiatus. If you’ve been playing Minecraft, I’m sure you will recognize the “Misa’s Realistic Texture Pack“, of course, that this is the most popular model. If you are the one that keeps track of this release, this version is similar, if you missed all the details of the 64×64. I suggest you download and install this version. If you love like this texture pack, Just downloading at here! let’s fun.

Medieval Texture Pack

Medieval Texture Pack

Medieval Texture Pack

Medieval Texture Pack Features:

  • -new clock
  • -added black sheep
  • -added netherquartz ore
  • -added netherquartz item
  • -added Redstone Comparator
  • -added Redstone Comparator item
  • -added trapchests
  • -added redstone block
  • -fixed ugly black line on junglewood planks
  • -made daylight detector
  • -added netherbrick item
  • -added desert zombies (mummies)
  • -new brick

Medieval Texture Pack Changelogs:

  • Compatible with current Minecraft version

How to Install Medieval Texture Pack

To make it work you will need the “MCPatcher HD Fix” or “OptiFine HD

  1. Extract the zip-file from the “MCPatcher HD Fix” into the “.minecraft/bin” Folder
  2. Double-click the “McPatcher HD Fix” into the “.minecraft/bin” Folder and click the button “patch” to patch your Minecraft.
  3. Now your Minecraft is ready for any HD-texturepack!
  4. Drag and drop or copy and paste your Zip-File into the folder: “.minecraft/texturepacks”
  5. Now run your Minecraft and choose the texturepack under “Mods and Texture Packs” and you will be finish!
  6. Have fun with the new textures!
  7. WARNING: Some other mods didn’t work with the “MCPatcher HD Fix”.
  8. Make sure you have a fresh version of Minecraft. To fresh up your Minecraft,
  9. Delete all the stuff into the “.minecraft” folder excluding the “.minecraft/saves” folder.
  10. And than start Minecraft, to download the fresh files.