Medieval Wizards Tower Map

Have you ever watched some movies that related to medieval wizard? I mean any movies that you make you feel enjoy and inspire you to come into Minecraft and you try to designs and make it, something like the Tower of the Wizards, but you might find yourself are too lazy to make one, so there is nothing to worry about because I have this map for you which you just download and install it to your fresh Minecraft and you are ready to go. This map is called Medieval Wizards Tower Map.

Medieval Wizards Tower Map

Medieval Wizards Tower Map

Medieval Wizards Tower Map

Medieval Wizards Tower Map is a really cool map which made by ‘deerassassin0424’. This map has the look of medieval, but that is not the point because from what you can see from the pictures above, there is the tower that look so old which look like there are something hidden in it. Something that are very mysterious that look like there are some powerful and mysterious creatures inside, but actually there is nothing lol.

Anyway, what you can see in the pictures above, that might tell and show you all for what this map will do for you. For the exterior designs look so cool, not sure if that get better and suit for the idea or not, but that might be because of the texture pack that remain unique and medieval look. For me, in my opinion I love this map, but truly no offence dude, but these builds of the creator look kind of plain, but for some people this might look epic, but that is just what I think :P.

If you find this map interesting, why not give this awesome Medieval Wizards Tower Map a go. Anyways, this map does not contain so much details. I mean the details for the surroundings not the things in this tower, or around this tower. As you know and from what you can see from the pictures above, there is only one tower :P.

Medieval Wizards Tower Map Main Features

  • The Tower of the Wizard which has medieval style both for the textures and styles of the designs which really give the feeling like you are delivered into the another world

Medieval Wizards Tower Map Pros and Cons


  • If you are too lazy to build wizard tower like in this map, so you just download and have fun with it without having to designs and make it
  • The look of the tower give the atmosphere of medieval world which full of wizards that keep casting the spell and fighting against their enemies


  • There is not much detail in this map for you to explore and go around in this map
  • This kind of map, some people can make it by themselves though

How to install Medieval Wizards Tower Map

  1. Download the Medieval Wizards Tower Map from the download link below
  2. Go to your Minecraft directory by searching for %appdata%
  3. Open your .minecraft folder
  4. Open saves folder
  5. Place the file in this folder
  6. Done
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