Megacraft Classic Resource Pack

Most of you guys would probably have played the game called Megaman or Rockman before right? It’s one of the first series of the franchise game before the X generation comes. Now you can even touch that memorable feeling that you’ve ever had in that game in the world of Minecraft with this Megacraft Classic Resource Pack installed.

Megacraft Classic Resource Pack

Megacraft Classic Resource Pack 0

Megacraft Classic Resource Pack 1

Megacraft Classic Resource Pack 2

Megacraft Classic Resource Pack is a resource pack based on the game Megaman or Rockman that comes up with the low resolution or 16×16 one, but it seems to be more suitable than other HD resolution though. As the game was released and played with pixels look though. This is a pack made by CK20XX. As it’s based on that game, what would you expect from it?

Just only the change for the mobs or some GUI changed? Honestly, everything will look like that game, starting with the new HUD that combines the elements from all over the franchise giving you the arcade-style energy meters as well as the weapon panels containing your inventory with a power meter. That totally suits it right? Moreover, there is a custom font based off the Mega Man 6 and that even gives the feel like you are really playing with that game.

If there is the custom font, there should be other custom things like, of course they do which are including a custom language file, and some other work with electronics and sound effects derived from that game as well. More than that, all the mobs’ models are based on the monster that you have faced in that game with the custom textures. Those weapons, items and armors will totally change you into Megaman with fully suit equipped including a Mega Custer and many special weapons, but remember that it’s just a normal weapons though lol, but change in textures.

Megacraft Classic Resource Pack Main Features

  • The resolution of this resource pack is 16×16
  • This pack is based on the franchise game called Megaman or Rockman

Megacraft Classic Resource Pack Pros and Cons


  • Even if the resolution is really low that you will still see every detail in pixel, but that won’t matters and what’s more is that it seems to be totally suit the theme of the pack as well. You’d better try to imagine that this pack is on the HD resolution, it would probably ruin everything
  • This is the pack that most of those who are fans of Megaman series shouldn’t miss, it pretty much reminds you of the nostalgia which is such a memorable time of our lives


  • The only thing bad about this pack is the requirement for the Optifine or MCPatcher to install first before installing this pack

How to install Megacraft Classic Resource Pack

  1. Download the Megacraft Classic Resource Pack from the link download below
  2. Download either Optifine or MCPatcher and have it installed first
  3. Browse to %appdata% and look for .minecraft folder
  4. Once you opened in .minecraft folder just open resourcepacks folder
  5. Drop the downloaded file here inside the resourcepacks folder
  6. Start the game, go into the texture packs folder in-game
  7. Select the new pack and apply it!
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