Merry Christmas Map

Merry Christmas guys, is it too late? Lol I don’t care, but I have something to show you guys which is the Minecraft map that comes as a 3D art model also which it’s simple but outstanding as well. The map is called Merry Christmas Map.

Merry Christmas Map

Merry Christmas Map

Merry Christmas Map

Merry Christmas Map

Merry Christmas Map is just a simply custom map created by Gazamo which based on the Christmas day that the models, details, atmospheres and everything you will find in this map will be related to Christmas theme. The total model is like a nice snow globe or glassy snow ball that cover the winters’ town. As you can see the details in those screenshots above, only the design looks freaking fantastic like everything comes to life. Every terrain in that snow globe is filled with snow and there is also a big snowman and tons of pine tree or Christmas tree, there is also a train trail running around the town in the snow globe. If you look above, you will see and find out that there is Santa Claus who driving his own unique vehicles that those reindeer are taking him into the sky and going to give children presents. Sometimes, when you play this map, when you zoom out, you might just want to grab this snow globe in your own hands and see it closely as if it’s real thing that is a gift from someone :P.

This map is absolutely beautiful and really suitable for the Christmas theme, but it might be too late for our web that have just posted this, but it’s a really great map still. If you find this awesome Merry Christmas Map interesting and useful, be sure to give this one ago! And Merry Christmas :D.

Merry Christmas Map Main Features

  • Custom map with Christmas theme
  • Everything is in the snow globe comparing to the real one in our world, this one is far better!

Merry Christmas Map Pros and Cons


  • This map greatly describe the world filled of Christmas theme that is in the snow globe and everything is combined together perfectly
  • It contain everything that could be the thing that remind you of Christmas day!


  • All you can do with this map is just exploring and starring to those awesome and amazing details

How to install Merry Christmas Map

  1. Download the map from the link download below with the name of Merry Christmas Map and with jar or zip file
  2. Go to your Minecraft directory and find saves folder
  3. Once you have found saves folder, just open it
  4. Get your file that you just downloaded and simply paste it in the saves folder
  5. Complete
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