Mine O’Nation Map

Sometimes it doesn’t have to always be wrong just to feel right for something. It’s like when you have created something in your server, but you can be enough satisfied and someone else’s server are better right? Why do you have to put so much effort into creating stuff like this while you can just enjoy yourself with all the beautiful buildings created in this Mine O’Nation Map?

Mine O’Nation Map

Mine O’Nation Map is a very simple map based on custom maps. First of all, this map won’t really do anything like adventure, horror or puzzle based. This is because this map basically adds in like the new world where you will be spawned in such a pleasure place where everywhere look like it’s derived from the old era or what we call medieval. But if you have seen some of the building built in this map, you will understand why this map has so much potential. For example, the Spawn Castle for both good and bad sides. There is a church added for those who would like to confess and take everything out of people chests. Ok, there is no time joking around, there is a Market and Black Market which you have to find out what is the different between these two. Importantly, this map also provides you the new PvP Arena which will be the place where fighting and killing started.

If you are looking for a simple like this custom map, why don’t you just check this Mine O’Nation Map out? You are going to have a new world to enjoy playing with. The new way of living here in this world will be completely changed to something old derived from the medieval era.

Mine O’Nation Map Main Features

  • This is a custom map based
  • There is a spawn castle added
  • Terrain includes rivers through the enclosed town
  • There is a market which need to come together with the rivals or black market
  • This map also offers you the new PvP arena

Mine O’Nation Map Pros and Cons


  • This map is really appropriate for those who want the beautiful medieval style that could remind you of some good old game in the past as well
  • This map is on a server as well which you can just go join them
  • Everything created in this map is all awesome for both the content and design
  • The new PvP arena added by this map might help you to take care of your people when they want to fight


  • This map is not finished yet with only 65% completion
  • This map is not really based on any major styles mean that you are not going to have to complete your assigned task. It’s like a free world

How to install Mine O’Nation Map

  1. Download Mine O’Nation Map from the link download highlighted below
  2. Once you head into the download link, just select and download only one version that you think it’s the most compatible or the same version with yours
  3. Start search browser and type in %appdata%/.minecraft/saves
  4. In the saves folder, you just drag and drop that downloaded file into this folder
  5. Launch the game
  6. Check if the map is installed properly
  7. Then, apply and have fun
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