Minecraft 2D Mod

This is a creative concept of the game “Teraria”. If you like to play a new game, I suggest you download and install Minecraft 2D Mod. Okay, now we see that it has a new feature for this release.

Minecraft 2D Mod

Minecraft 2D Mod Main Features

  • There are various layers of rock, upgrade your pickaxe level as a way to be capable of go deeper.
  • You can not make tools of iron level and above on a crafting table, you will need an anvil.
  • When making use of an anvil, it’s essential to location a hammer on the level under the tool you might be wanting to craft.
  • (You’ll need a stone hammer to create iron tools.)
  • If you might be stuck on progression, have a look at the recipes and see if there is certainly something it is possible to craft.
  • The existing tool tiers are as follows: Wood Stone Iron Silver Steel

Minecraft 2D Mod Changelogs

  • 1024×1024 block map
  • Full inventory technique
  • Crafting (with crafting benches/furnaces)
  • Tools
  • Saving/loading worlds
  • Lighting
  • Randomized planet generation
  • Health
  • Mobs (only zombies and skeletons in the moment)
  • Day/Night cycle
  • Chests

How to install Minecraft 2D Mod

  1. To run the game, just download and extract the .zip
  2. And after that run Minecraft2D.bat.(If that does not perform, you may run the Minecraft.jar file,but which will probably lag.)
  3. Please ignore Greenfoot’s “Pause” and “Reset” buttons
  4. Making use of them will possibly mess up the game.
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