MineCreed Mod

One of the excellent mods which has been designed and created to be based on Assassin’s Creed series which will also be incredible enjoyable with most of the elements from that game has come to the game of Minecraft named MineCreed Mod. As most of you may know very well that the based game have been an absolute delight to play, so let’s see how it works in Minecraft world.




MineCreed Mod is a mod that just implements what you’ve seen in that game probably are the new weapons and so many various other forms of equipment. Basically, this mod is based on Assassin’s Creed Universe, so if you expect this mod to have something added rather than that version, then you might be a little bit disappoint. What you can really expect from this mod the most would be Altair’s armor that look so freaking cool as well as Altair’s Sword with so many various equipment that you can use and enjoy. If you have everything about Altair’s stuff equipped, you will look exactly like the assassin’s did in that game. First of all, it’s going to look so satisfying, it’s like you can pull off the strength, the abilities and actions to be used in Minecraft. Moreover, it’s not that you only get your hands on Altair’s stuff, but for Ezio as well, there are also poison, crossbow, hidden blade, hidden gun, hook blade and so on added.

With this MineCreed Mod installed, you are going to feel pretty much the same just like you were one of the assassin. You can utilize all of these stuff added and enjoy playing Minecraft normally. With the changes to your visual look, you are going to feel more comfortable playing the game. If you are a true fan of the series, then it’s going to be more amazing.

MineCreed Mod Main Features

  • There are weapons and stuff from Assassin’s Creed Universe added into the game
  • There are the stuff of Altair and Ezio added

MineCreed Mod Pros and Cons


  • This mod is free from any bugs or glitches as it’s fully complete
  • It’s like you got new outfit to wear to look like one of the assassins
  • You have new choices of weapons and stuff to use and that will improve the quality and the aspect of the gameplay combat experience


  • You might need to run the latest version of the game as well as having Minecraft installed first, so that you can enjoy the game without any bugs or problems preventing you from enjoying it

How to install MineCreed Mod

  1. Download Minecraft Forge with the most compatible version
  2. Download MineCreed Mod with the most compatible version as well
  3. Have Minecraft Forge installed first without doing anything with the main mod
  4. Go into %appdata% folder
  5. Open .minecraft folder
  6. Open mods folder
  7. Drop the downloaded file here inside the mods folder
  8. All done and have fun
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