MineKart: Bowser’s Castle 64 Map

This map bring back childhood memories where I spend days playing Mario Kart on Super Nintendo. Those that have the same childhood as me and love player Mario Kart then this MineKart: Bowser’s Castle 64 Map is definitely something you must have. I promise that this map will bring you back into your memory lane and make you feel young again no matter what age you are now!

MineKart: Bowser’s Castle 64 Map

MineKart: Bowser’s Castle 64 Map what this map basically does is, it recreate the super famous Bowsers Castle found in Mario Kart into Minecraft. It is beautifully done with all the color and structure it actually look very good. Map is made up of a lot of bright and colorful block so it really does make you feel like one of the Mario games again. You will see another of familiar scenery in this amazing Mario Kart recreation. Those that love Mario Kart, this is the map to get in MineCraft; I promise you would not be disappoint with this map.

MineKart: Bowser’s Castle 64 Map Main Features

  • Basically play Mario Kart in MineCraft!
  • Recreation of Bowsers Castle is very nicely done
  • Bright color theme and texture make it feel like Mario again

MineKart: Bowser’s Castle 64 Map Pros and Cons


  • It a fun map for those who enjoy Mario Kart, Relive those moment by racing your friend in this map


  •  This map will only interest those who like racing or Mario Kart

How to install MineKart: Bowser’s Castle 64 Map

  1. Open up .minecraft folder
  2. Locate Sub folder call Save
  3. Download MineKart: Bowser’s Castle 64 Map from our download link
  4. Extract the file you just download
  5. Copy Map folder found in your extracted file
  6. Paste it into the Save Folder earlier on
  7. Startup MineCraft and you will find this map in one of your save slot
  8. Follow the instruction in the game on how to play
  9. Happy Gaming Fellow MineCrafter and Mario Kart Lovers!
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