MineLOL Realistic Texture Pack

This awesome realistic texture pack for those who are a realistic lover. By the way the meaning of the word LOL would be about ridiculous, but for this texture pack it means smile. So, I would like to suggest you guys this fresh and cheerful Minecraft texture pack which is called MineLOL Realistic Texture Pack. This texture pack could make up your mind and make your day.

MineLOL Realistic Texture Pack

MineLOL Realistic Texture Pack

MineLOL Realistic Texture Pack

MineLOL Realistic Texture Pack is a texture pack that absolutely beautiful with realistic style. Many new things added like a horse container, raw and cooked salmon fish. Also, texture for the blocks are updated, wood and planks look much more realistic it’s like you could touch them at that moment. Wolves !! It is a real wolf, its face look so fierce which always ready to take and get rid of your piece of body off. Moreover, new pictures or the paintings are added, like the animals such as; Eagle, elephant, lion, tiger, bear, etc. The grass block look like they are blown by the wind, that looks amazing.

I’m not sure if this texture pack will make you smile or make your day, but for me it does ! This amazing MineLOL Realistic Texture Pack will enhance your game play contracting with your mood. Be sure to check it out !

MineLOL Realistic Texture Pack Main Features

  • This texture pack has a resolution of 64×64
  • Realistic style which make your Minecraft game play look more interesting

MineLOL Realistic Texture Pack Pros and Cons


  • Amazing good-looking texture pack
  • High resolution, it means high quality to the game
  • Realistic, absolutely realistic texture pack


  • There is no bad thing in this pack, but if talking about realistic texture pack, even if it will enhance your game play, but the fact that how simple and cute look of the default Minecraft world might disappear. (Which might ruin your game.)

MineLOL Realistic Texture Pack Change Log

  • Horse Container added
  • Raw Salmon Fish added
  • Cooked Salmon Fish added
  • Minecraft with Command Block added
  • Steve skin changed
  • Updated to the latest version of Minecraft

How to install MineLOL Realistic Texture Pack

  1. Download the MineLOL Realistic Texture Pack
  2. Download the MCPatcher or Optifine
  3. Install MCPatcher or Optifine first
  4. Then, go to start menu, then type in %appdata%
  5. Look for ‘.minecraft’ folder
  6. Drag and drop the .zip file into the ‘resourcepacks’ folder
  7. Start the game
  8. Check if the texture pack is loaded completely
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