M&M’s Mod

This time REQUIERS FORGE, I am sure that many people have the opportunity to sample a taste of this kind, it is a shock wonderful chocolates. And of course, it does not melt in your hand, we find that M&M’s Mod are very popular among people who like shocks, chocolate. So, if people who want to get experience in the game Minecraft, if you are ready just test this. it is a creative imagination and you can do anything or create anything you want.

M&M's Mod

M&M's Mod

M&M’s Mod Main Features

  • M&M armor
  • M&M tools
  • M&M Mobs

M&M’s Mod Changelogs

  • added new colors
  • added potion effects to each m&m
  • from now mod uses FORGE
  • New textures! (by zephohd adn thatsmypickaxe)
  • Shapeless recipes!

How to install M&M’s Mod

  1. Download and install M&M’s Mod
  2. Download Minecraft Forge
  3. Drag mod file into mods
  4. Done!
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