Mo’ Creatures Mod

This mod is very unique and simply making minecraft a far more realistic game that I would like introduces a lot of various hostile and passive mobs into the overall game. This Mo’ Creatures Mod introduces a multitude of features that stray besides the mods primary purpose.

Mo' Creatures Mod

Mo' Creatures Mod 1

Mo' Creatures Mod 2

Up to this time the only real mobs/creatures which have been implemented into the overall game are hostiles, such as the mighty wither boss. Reasonably, you will find a lot more creatures that roam the backwoods. It might be that Mojang are lazy when presenting mobs, or they just think it unnecasary. If more creatures might be added into the overall game, it might help make your world much more interesting, unique, and hostile

The minecraft started without mobs, it had been only dependent on time before these were implemented. Both hostile and stock creatures were produced. Both genre’s had couple of reasons, mainly individuals for food and experience.

Mo’ Creatures Mod Main Features

  • While using mo’ creatures mod you are able to tame, ride, pet, and farm a lot of creatures.
  • However, any modder that may make the most of mobs would probably alter simply 1 feature of the creeper. Rather than carrying this out, the creator of mo creatures simply made more, harmful and doubly terrifying creepers that roam day, and evening.

How to install Mo’ Creatures Mod

  1. Download and install GUI API, Minecraft Forge API, CustomMobSpawner
  2. Before you start, backup your minecraft.jar
  3. Browse to .minecraft folder
  4. Copy file into your .minecraft folder
  5. Unzip the Mo’ Creatures Mod file inside the folder
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