MobHunt Bukkit Plugin for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

When the server you are playing have shop online installed, but you don’t know how to find the money to buy those stuff, except just keep online and receive the money. However, that’s not enough for sure. You need to find a new way from doing so. And now, you might want to try introducing your admin’s server about this MobHunt Bukkit Plugin that will bring fun and the way of making money to your Minecraft world or server.

MobHunt Bukkit Plugin

MobHunt Bukkit Plugin

MobHunt Bukkit Plugin

MobHunt Bukkit Plugin is a bukkit plugin for a server made by ryandw11. This thing is like a helper to make your world become much livelier. The main stuff you get from this plugin installed to your server is that now every single mob you hunt and kill, you will be rewarded. So it can be basically said that this plugin allows you to customize the amount of money you get from killing each mob which you can change it depending on your preference though. With this thing added together with the online shop in-game, this will become much easier for those new players to find the money from just killing the mobs and they can buy something to eat or even the protection stone, whatever. Moreover, if that’s what this plugin only offer you, that’s going to be kind of a little bit illiberal. You will also receive another feature which is about the particles. These particles will be shown or appeared when mobs’ dead. That can also be customized by your preference as well. Not only the particles for the death of the mobs, but you are also allowed to add and give sound effects on death as well.

These are all what you will get from this MobHunt Bukkit Plugin. If you find these features interesting and you think that it can help to entertain and make your people love playing with your server, this is a must download. You’d better try it to see their satisfaction though. Hope they will love it

MobHunt Bukkit Plugin Main Features

  • You can configure how much money each mob gives you upon death
  • You are allowed to add in custom mob death effects like particles or even sound effects
  • When players kill any mobs, they will be rewarded for their bravery
  • There are the rewards for the amount of mobs killed as well which should be 50, 100, 150, 200 as default

MobHunt Bukkit Plugin Pros and Cons


  • This will make your server becomes a little bit more interesting and this is also the way to encourage people not to only gather the resources, but they should hunt and kill some mobs as well
  • The new way to make money in your world and you are the one to set the amount of money as rewards


  • This might be too easy for a way to make money in Minecraft world, but it does make sense though that when you kill something, you’d better get something good from them rather than just those rot piece of sh*t
  • Some of the particles look like a broken piece of glass or pixel

How to install MobHunt Bukkit Plugin

  1. Download MobHunt Bukkit Plugin from the link download given below with the latest or the most compatible version comparing to your game
  2. Place the .jar and any other files in your plugins directory
  3. Start and run the server and wait until it’s fully loaded
  4. Type stop to bring your server a clean stop
  5. Then run it again
  6. Check if your servers contain the new features provided by this plugin
  7. Have fun
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