Mod Installer

Mod Installer!!! Hi~guy, If you have problems with install your mods…You will no more problem, If you Download Mod Installer for Minecraft. this utility is for you. Frist, start up the java application, and choose your downloaded mod. And press install. If you love like this, don’t forget to +1 or share this. Downloading Now Mod Installer for Minecraft.!!!

Mod Installer for Minecraft it’s awesome tools mod. Last, don’t forget to say thank must go to Jamezo97 as developers this awesome Mod Installer.

How this Mod Installer work to install your mods!!!

1.Check to see if the mod needs Modloader.
2.If it does, but you don’t have it installed, it will tell you, and ask if you wish to continue.
3.Then, it checks to see if the mod can be copied straight into the mods folder in your .minecraft folder.
4.If so, it will do that, otherwise it will copy all of the files into the mineraft.jar and re-pack it.
5.If your mod does not require Modloader, it will just copy the files into your minecraft.jar.
6.Let’s Fun!!!

Download Mod Installer for Minecraft

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