Modern City Map

Are you looking for somethings that luxury, modern, and realistic? Today I would like to recommend you with Modern City Map that adapt from the real life into the Minecraft world, so I think that you should to try this one in your Minecraft world. Okay, let’s me show you more.

Modern City Map

Modern City Map

Modern City Map

Modern City Map is very interesting map that get idea from the real life city. Therefore, the people who love modern map, you can use this map to your Minecraft world to changed the look of the game to modern style. Moreover, if you use this map with Soartex Fanver HD Smooth Texture Pack or Modern Texture Pack, it will make the map more beautiful and realistic for the Minecraft world. So, I would like you to download these texture pack to use with this map in order to give you more feeling that very luxury beautiful and modern. More than that the city has the building in the map such as train station, casino, bars, parks, docks, beach, cars, garage, hotels, restaurant, aquarium, bridges, offices building, art center, and etc. However, this map is very interesting for the people who are looking for something new for your Minecraft world.

Before ending this article I would like to emphasize you about this map again because it is a map that very beautiful, modern and realistic for real life. However, I think that this information above will help you more or less for making decision download this map to use in your Minecraft world, However, I hope all of you guys will like this map.

Modern City Map Main Features

  • Created map that look like the big city in real life
  • Build the important building, vehicles, or things in real life such as hotels, train station, cars, bridges, aquarium, and etc

Modern City Map Pros and Cons


  • Very interesting map
  • More realistic in real life
  • Modern style
  • Luxury look
  • A lot of building that based on real life


  • The people who like classic style may do not like this map

How to install Modern City Map

  1. Download Modern City Map at download line below us
  2. Search for “%appdata%” and look for “.minecraft” folder
  3. Find “saves” folder
  4. Copy and paste files that you downloaded map into the “saves” folder
  5. Run Minecraft game
  6. Select the map from your “saves”
  7. Have fun
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