Moldy’s CTM Series Map

Have you ever played with CTM map of Minecraft before? If you haven’t I would like to suggest you guys as a new series of the map called Moldy’s CTM Series Map. With this map installed, you are going to find yourself being delivered into another world as the details and the contents in each map look absolutely amazing.

Moldy’s CTM Series Map

Moldy’s CTM Series Map

Moldy’s CTM Series Map

Moldy’s CTM Series Map is a really interesting map made by moldybread1. This map is absolutely awesome as you can see from the screenshots above. This is like the result of the developer who have been working hard for almost 3 years and it happens to be this awesome CTM maps. What is the difference of this one and the others out there? It mostly because all the CTM map added by this developer are all included new mechanics that are game changing and you really have never seen before in a CTM. First one is the Depths of Irkalla which is the underworld of Babylonian mythology or a land with no escape. This one is a full 16 wool CTM map. Next is the Depths of Mortua which it’s still in a work in progress, but the design and details that you will find out right now in this map already look freaking beautiful and it’s very creative. Moreover, there are 3 wool CTMs made generally for Strawberry Jams or the mini ones. For examples, the Ticking Chill and the Mage’s Escape. You are definitely going to enjoy the contents provided by this map for sure.

Guys I can assure you all that this Moldy’s CTM Series Map is an amazing map which everything looks so nice. If you also think the same way like I do, be sure to give this awesome map a go and enjoy the rest of your life with this awesome map.

Moldy’s CTM Series Map Main Features

  • There are actually full 16 wool CTMs
  • The new changes and mechanics that haven’t been seen before in a CTM

Moldy’s CTM Series Map Pros and Cons


  • This map is plainly amazing. It’s like you are freaking in love with it even though you are not going to play.


  • There is nothing really bad about this map, everything looks perfectly awesome

How to install Moldy’s CTM Series Map

  1. Download Moldy’s CTM Series Map from the link download below
  2. Be sure to download the version that is the same with your game
  3. Simply head into your saves folder in your Minecraft directory
  4. Which should be %appdata%/.minecraft/saves
  5. In the saves folder
  6. You just paste the downloaded file into the saves folder
  7. All done
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