More Nature Mod

What make Minecraft world cheerful and lifeful would be the mobs or even living things in the game. They are one of the most important aspects that the game must have. However, starting from the beginning until now, it seems like there are not that many mobs to enjoy watching at all. So, you would probably get bored with the same old mobs right? Why don’t you try to check this More Nature Mod out to see if there is anything else that you can do with the gameplay.




More Nature Mod is a mod that simply adds in an array of new creatures to the world of Minecraft as well as some new blocks and items too! For the list of the mobs added by the mod are included Whale, Lizard, snake, Mouse, Bird, Manta Ray, Tropical Fish, Duck, Penguin, Piranha, Shark, Crap, Tortoise, Dragonfly, Chameleon, Lyrebird, Octopus, Crocodile, Komodo Dragon, Camel, and Kiwi. These animals are designed individually to have their own features like their unique animations as well as the health. For instance, whales, they have 25 hearts which will swim around fairly fast. That’s it. In addition, there are Perch, Crafting Recipes, Crab Leg, Net, Butterfly Item, Shark Tooth, Spiked Club, Breadcrumbs, Cricket Leg, Blubber, Reptile Hide, Reptile Armor added. These are the list of the items added which are dropped naturally by killing those new animals. Still, there are not any information updated about the items about how to utilize them.

Anyway, that’s all you get from having this More Nature Mod installed. It does make a huge change to the world especially toward the gameplay experience where you get to play and to enjoy more about the nature. You don’t have to endure facing the same old boring mobs anymore. This is going to spice up your gameplay a little bit as well.

More Nature Mod Main Features

  • This mod adds in so many new mobs as mentioned above which they all have their own specially well designed for both modeling and the animation
  • There are some new items which can be obtained by killing those new mobs

More Nature Mod Pros and Cons


  • The detail of every single animals are very well designed, except the small ones
  • The animaltion that have been put into each of the mobs are wonderful and this really makes them more lifeful
  • This will spice up the gameplay experiences as well as add a load new sense of adventure too


  • Too bad that most ofj the mod do not react to the player in any way, so even if you are trying to kill them, they just ignore and continue doing what they are doing
  • Minecraft Forge is heavily needed

How to install More Nature Mod

  1. Download Minecraft Forge with the most compatible version and have it installed first as it’s heavily required
  2. Download the mod file from the download link below with the name More Nature Mod as well as .jar or .zip file
  3. Head yourself into the mods folder by simply searching for %appdata%/.minecraft/mods
  4. Drag and drop the downloaded file into the mods folder
  5. Everything is done and you are good to go
  6. Have fun
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