More Things Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

The contents in Minecraft have never been better unless you have some new mods which will add some new contents for you to enjoy. So you’d better have any of them installed to the game, so that your life will be brought back to the game again. However, in finding one it’s very boring and you are lazy to do so. Therefore, I present you guys this new mod called More Things Mod.

More Things Mod

More Things Mod

More Things Mod is a new mod that has just released, this mod aims to provide the players more various choices in order to enjoy the game again. Those choices are basically the new items, new weapons, new tools, and new sets of armor. Don’t expect this to be extremely great as it’s under the development. On the other hands, don’t also expect this mod to add something that will ruin the aspect of the gameplay because most of the things added are actually based on the existing stuff.

Currently, there are 4 new items including of Obsidian Crystal, Charged Nether Star, Dark Nether Star, and Bedrock Shard. As a result once this mod is implemented to the game, you will be allowed to craft new tools, weapons and sets of armor by using the materials based on the Obsidian and Bedrock. These two valuably beautiful things will be pretty much stronger than the diamond one of course. So, it’s very useful as you can use those things to craft the stronger sets of everything and they are also easily found though. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with what this mod currently have to offer you. Be sure to stay tuned because the future plan will feature in more tools, Obsidian Apple, and Bedrock Apple. Can’t wait to see some more new future content updated.

If you find Vanilla Minecraft haven’t been taking care and providing you guys enough of the new contents, you might find this More Things Mod extremely amazing. The particular point in this mod probably is the new recipes allowing you to craft such amazing tools, weapons, and new sets of armor.

More Things Mod Main Features

  • There are 4 new items added
  • 2 new tools and weapons with different materials used to craft
  • 2 new sets of armor added

More Things Mod Pros and Cons


  • There are new items, weapons, tools and sets of armor added as a new choice for you to enjoy the new content in the game with
  • The future’s feature plan is very interesting


  • Some of them do not make sense at all as it might not be related to any concept of the game, basically those new things added will be leas interesting if you focus and prefer more on the original gameplay
  • This mod heavily needs Minecraft Forge with the most compatible version

How to install More Things Mod

  1. Minecraft Forge required, so download and install it first with the most compatible version
  2. Download More Things Mod with the most compatible version by checking your game’s version
  3. Search for %appdata% and go into .minecraft folder
  4. Head into mods folder
  5. Copy and paste the downloaded mod file without extracting into the mods folder
  6. Start the game and check if the mod is installed and worked properly
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