Mouse Tweaks Mod

It’s amazing designed to improve and refine the mouse to look more perfect. If You feel tired and bored of right clicking while crafting furnaces, chests or whatever? and if you are looking for amazing mod or changing your lifestyle, this Mouse Tweaks Mod can make your life easier. Okay, now I’m sure you care about these functions. Of course, it may not change the properties Tag are you in the game, so I’m confident that it will help the game continue to be unique and not make you feel bad about the game Minecraft.

Mouse Tweaks Mod Main Features

  1. The ability of this model is outstanding when you are working your item by dragging with right mouse button hold
  2. If you drag over a slot that you have already dragged over without releasing and pressing the mouse, it won’t add up more items. So you can’t just hold RMB and drag multiple times across the crafting grid to create, for example, multiple furnaces.
  3. How to use this mod? just follow the guide below :
  • RMB Tweak :
    • Config file: .minecraft/config/MouseTweaks.cfg
    • EnableRMBTweak = 1

Hold your right mouse button
Mouse Tweaks Mod

Drag your mouse around the crafting grid:
Mouse Tweaks Mod

You can even drag your mouse on top of existing blocks:
Mouse Tweaks Mod

  • LMB Tweak (with item)
    • Config setting: EnableLMBTweakWithItem = 1

Hold your left mouse button:
Mouse Tweaks Mod

Drag your mouse across the inventory:
Mouse Tweaks Mod

Hold shift and drag:
Mouse Tweaks Mod

  • LMB Tweak (without item)
    • Config setting: EnableLMBTweakWithoutItem = 1

Hold your left mouse button and shift at the same time, without grabbing anything: (Mouse cursor is not visible for some reason)
Mouse Tweaks Mod

Drag your mouse across the inventory:
(Mouse cursor is not visible for some reason)
Mouse Tweaks Mod

  • Wheel Tweak
    • Config setting: WheelTweak = 1
      Scroll your wheel down, items in the slot that your mouse is pointing at will go into the inventory, one by one!
      Scroll your wheel up to ‘suck’ up items of the same type from the inventory, one by one!
    • Config setting: WheelSearchOrder = 1
      Determines, whether the mod will search for an applicable slot to pull items from on scrolling up, starting from the last slot of the inventory and to the first (when the setting = 1), or from the first to the last (when the setting = 0).
    • Config setting: ForceModLoader = 0
      Generally not recommended to be enabled, forces the mod to use ModLoader’s onTick hook to operate. That’s how ModLoader versions of the mod (prior to version 2.0) worked. The mod operates 20 times per second that way, which is usually not enough for the smooth item management.

How to install Mouse Tweaks Mod

  1. Download Modloader / Minecraft Forge / LiteLoader
  2. Download the Mouse Tweaks Mod
  3. Extract the the file into your minecraft jar
  4. Please remove META-INF before go to next step that will help to compatible with
  5. LiteLoader and other mods that don’t overwrite the same class file.
  6. Drop the mod’s zip-file into your mods folder
  7. Your mods folder is either in your .minecraft folder, or in your .minecraft/versions/[your-version-folder] folder.
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