Mystcraft Mod

Mystcraft Mod 1.5.1 – Installer Mystcraft Mod download for Minecaft 1.5.1!!! Mystcraft it’s last new version V.!!! This is fairly cool looking. it’s very sweet work!!! Great job at not making it a ModLoader mod, Personally!!! I am sure it will be incompatible with every other content mod that exists for Minecraft. Do you want to download and Install this version on Minecraft 1.5.1, Just Download Mystcraft Mod and Minecaft 1.5.1.

Mystcraft Mod

Mystcraft Mod and Minecaft Changelogs

  • is up!
  • This could be the last version of Mystcraft to have a Vanilla and a Forge Edition. I’m abandoning the Vanilla Edition in the near future.
  • The current version of the Forge Edition is built on 152 and shown to work on 164.

Mystcraft Mod and Minecaft Compatibility :

See the wiki page on Compatibility
I make no guarantees as to compatibility with other mods, including the ones listed above.

How to Install Mystcraft Mod

  1. It is recommended that you do not install the mod over an older version of itself.
  2. Basic Instructions
  3. The above instructions should cover the basics of it. I find it necessary to delete the META-INF.
  4. NOTE: DON’T delete META-INF from the server jar. The jar may be considered corrupted.

  • officialnucky

    Mystcraft doesn’t currently work with 1.5.2. I have tried everything and can’t find a work around. I can go in creative and pick out the linking books but can’t create them via the crafting table with a book