Naruto Mod

Recent work that has been beautifully designed. They also get an idea of the popularity of manga comics that have been recognized by fans worldwide. Naruto Mod is the story of the ninja world, which the people of that era had to fight and struggle for the one.

Naruto Mod

Naruto Mod Pic 0

Naruto Mod Pic 1

Naruto Mod Pic 2

Naruto Mod 1

Naruto Mod 2

Naruto Mod 3

Naruto Mod 4

Naruto Mod Main Features

  • It also discusses the discipline of the secret, which can result in invoking a mythical creature.
  • This is a short story that I had to be summarized.
  • I’m sure if you ask your friend about it.
  • He can answer you about these stories.
  • If you want to know more information.
  • I hope you will be a good experience to play this game.

How to install Naruto Mod

*You can use this mod with Naruto Style Mod.

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download the Naruto Mod
  3. Open .minecraft then go to /mods
  4. Extract the mod there
  5. Fun!
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