NarutoCraft Texture Pack For Minecraft 1.10.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10/1.7.2

NarutoCraft Texture Pack

Are you boring to play Minecraft game with old texture? if you do, I am proud to present NarutoCraft Texture Pack which can make your game has more interesting and beautiful graphic. I know all of you heard about Naruto before, and some of you may want to play this game in Minecraft world. So, now you imagine that you control the Naruto’s character such as Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi to adventure in Minecraft world. That is cool right? So, i will tell you some detail of this texture.

NarutoCraft Texture Pack

NarutoCraft Texture Pack

NarutoCraft Texture Pack

NarutoCraft Texture Pack 1.8.9/1.8.8/1.7.10/1.7.2 was made by ThRx, and this texture also made for 16×16 of resolution. The main point of this texture pack is change the Minecraft graphic to be more beautiful and added the Naruto’s character. Moreover, the feature of the weapons, tools, armor, foods and every are changed in this texture pack for make it virtual the Naruto world. For the more, there are many of Naruto’s weapon available for you, so you can use it to kill the enemies. So, now you can enjoy the Naruto world with your friends by installing this texture pack!!

Finally, i hope all of you will like this texture pack because it is quite interesting and can take you to the childhood period, that you was watching Naruto cartoon. In additional, it is proper for every player and you can play it with your friends in Naruto world. Do not forget this texture pack is call NarutoCraft Texture Pack 

NarutoCraft Texture Pack 1.8.9/1.8.8/1.7.10/1.7.2 Main Features

  • This texture pack made by ThRx.
  • The resolution of this texture pack is 16×16.
  • There are new textures of this pack adapted from the popular cartoon call Naruto!

NarutoCraft Texture Pack 1.8.9/1.8.8/1.7.10/1.7.2 Pros and Cons


  • You can play Minecraft and your favourite game(Naruto) in the same time.
  • Changed your old texture pack to be the nice one with high quality. So, you can enjoy with the beautiful graphic.


  • There are some bug did not fixed.
  • There are some blocks did not changed.

NarutoCraft Texture Pack 1.8.9/1.8.8/1.7.10/1.7.2 Change Log

  • Compatibility with current minecraft version.
  • Fixed some bug.
  • Will update and add more objects.

How to install NarutoCraft Texture Pack 1.8.9/1.8.8/1.7.10/1.7.2

  1. Download and install Optifine first.
  2. Download NarutoCraft Texture Pack
  3. Browse to %appdata% and look for ‘.minecraft’ folder.
  4. Find ‘resourcepacks’ folder.
  5. Drag and drop the downloaded texture pack into the ‘resourcepacks’ folder.
  6. Launch the game.
  7. Select the chosen texture pack from the option menu.
  8. Enjoy in the Naruto world!!
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