NetherOres Mod

Have you ever been into the Nether world? If you have what is your propose of going there? To find some valuable things right? Something beautiful like quartz ores and the glowstone right? Those can be used to decorate your house as well because of their awesome textures, but what if there are many more ores in the world of Nether? Don’t you think it is interesting? If you do think like that, I would like to suggest you guys to check this awesome NetherOres Mod out!

NetherOres Mod

NetherOres Mod is a really interesting mod that most people might have wanted it for a very long time with the reason that when you go to the hell or Nether world in Minecraft, you just go for quartz, glowstone, or just want to go into the castle to fight some new mobs something like that right? But with this mod installed,  it will make you feel like there are something more for you to do in Nether. Basically, this mod does add many new ores into the world of Nether, but those ores seem to include ores from the world above as well. Those ores added into Nether are included Coal, Diamond, Gold, Iron, Lapis, Redstone, Tin, Copper, Emerald, Silver, Lead, Uranium Nikolite. With those new ores available, you might want to often go to that world right? Actually, its atmosphere and the feeling given like you are in the hell is quite enough for Nether world, but if you just have some more ores for you to explore and do mining, I think that is quite good by the way. As you can see in the pictures, the ores that you find will look the same as the picture I give it to you.

So, don’t you want your Minecraft to have something more to do in the Nether world? Yes you want to because I’ve seen so many people complain about why there is less ores in the world of nether, actually that world look more dangerous, so there must be something more valuable than what you can easily get. This mod also contain the details of Vanilla Minecraft, so please at least check this NetherOres Mod out! You might like it and have lots of fun with it as well

NetherOres Mod Main Features

  • Many new ores and the vanilla ores added including Coal, Diamond, Gold, Iron, Lapis, Redstone, Tin, Copper, Emerald, Silver, Lead, Uranium, Nikolite
  • Those new ores spawned in Nether world

NetherOres Mod Pros and Cons


  • You will no more have to get bored of going to Nether anymore
  • There will be some more things for you to do in the Nether world
  • Really awesome idea about putting ores into Nether


  • Actually, the Nether world does not really need more new ores to add because people will spend most of the time do mining in this dangerous world without going to live their own everyday life in Minecraft
  • Forge required which you will have to waste a time to download and install it before you can use this mod

How to install NetherOres Mod

  1. Forge required, so download and install it first
  2. Download NetherOres Mod.jar with zip file from the link download given
  3. Select the version that you would like to use
  4. Browse to your Minecraft directory or go to %appdata%
  5. Look for your mods folder, if you don’t have it just create one
  6. Simply put the file here
  7. Finished
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