NetherStar Tools Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

Those who have been playing the game Minecraft for years would know how hard is it just to earn a single Nether Star right? It’s one of the rarest item which can only be acquired by defeating the Wither. The main problem is that, this star is absolutely difficult to obtain, it doesn’t have a lot of various uses for most players. So, this NetherStar Tools Mod will try to add the uses of it to be more easy to use and worthy.

NetherStar Tools Mod

NetherStar Tools Mod is a mod that has been designed to do something with this Nether Star, so there is going to be a change to the game. First of all, it simply adds in a ton of item into the world which all of them are of course used to craft with the help of Nether Star. Some of you might have some idea popping up in your mind right? Basically, this mod allows you to craft tools and armor equipment made of Nether Stars.

This will make your gameplay experience in the Minecraft world become much significantly easier. However, by doing so seems to be impossible in the middle of the game because you are going to need a ton of Nether Star. So, this mod has helped you with that by providing you the feature that you don’t have to use the Nether Star directly. Before crafting the new set of tools and armor equipment, you are going to need to convert the Nether Stars into Nether Gems first. All you have to do is just put the Nether Stars into the Furnace and just let it do the work. Moreover, there is a total of 3 different game modes offered. It’s just a mode that allow you to craft things. The higher mode, the less new item you can craft.

Hopefully, this NetherStar Tools Mod will fulfill your dream that provide you guys the new way to use the Nether Star worthily. As it’s one of the rarest item found in the world of Minecraft as well as a single piece dropped from killing one Wither, the gear made out of it would be incredibly powerful.

NetherStar Tools Mod Main Features

  • This mod tries to make the Nether Stars become much more valuable in terms of the way of using which allows you to craft a variety of highly capable tools and armor equipment made out of Nether Stars
  • There is a ton of items added to the game which all of them are used to craft together with the help of Nether Stars
  • Nether Stars can be melted into Nether Star Gems that works just like an ingot
  • There is a total of 3 different modes added for you which in each mode will determine the kind of items that you can craft

NetherStar Tools Mod Pros and Cons


  • You can now actually have the better set of tools and armor equipment than diamond one
  • The worthily new way to use this Nether Stars to craft the things that can be used effectively is freaking awesome


  • The modes that you can choose is not that necessary to add though because we probably want the hardest one with the more kind of items that we can craft, not the higher mode, the less items we can craft and that makes no sense
  • This mod needs Minecraft Forge to work without any problem, so be sure to download and have it installed to your game first

How to install NetherStar Tools Mod

  1. Download Minecraft Forge with the most compatible version
  2. Download NetherStar Tools Mod with the most compatible version as well
  3. Have Minecraft Forge installed first without doing anything with the main mod
  4. Go into %appdata% folder
  5. Open .minecraft folder
  6. Open mods folder
  7. Drop the downloaded file here inside the mods folder
  8. All done and have fun
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