The Nightmare Paradox Map

Have you ever played with the CTM maps based? You might never know what it is as it’s the new genre of the game Minecraft. Anyways, there must be someone who have played with this kind of map before. It can be said that this kind of map is quite challenging and it also tests your skills of observing and surviving skills as well that you have to look around carefully. That’s just a brief detail though. So, without further ado, let’s make a do with this The Nightmare Paradox Map.

The Nightmare Paradox Map

The Nightmare Paradox Map

The Nightmare Paradox Map

The Nightmare Paradox Map is an adventure map based which was created by skillet4eva. Basically, this map will bring you the brand new experience which was actually inspired by the Vech’s brutally challenging series of CTM maps. Most of you who are new to new game might not know that does CTM stands for right? It’s actually a must to know when you are going to play with a map like this one. CTM stands for Complete the Monument which is the new genre created by Vechs which is the map where you can find various objects and put them together to complete a monument to beat the entire map.

So now you know what this map is like right? You probably know that there is nothing much to say except how challenging and the design of the map model as those are the factors which will point out which one will be more fun and better. All you have to do is just explore carefully throughout the map to find the losing pieces to complete the monument. The designs in this map that you will be playing are all based on the Doctor Who in the series of Dortor and his adventures as well as classic Who references. Don’t think that it’s going to be that easy that you can just go messing around finding the missing items because you will have to survive from those custom mobs that are ready to kill you as well as hidden dangerous traps as well.

If you are those who have experienced with the CTM map before, you may probably have experience with only those easy ones right? Have you ever faced with something more challenging and dangerous before? I bet you haven’t though! The more challenge and the more dangerous that you will have to go through, the more fun and memorable experience that you will be received with this awesome The Nightmare Paradox Map.

The Nightmare Paradox Map Main Features

  • This pack is based on the adventure maps
  • This map is inspired by Vech’s brutally challenging series of CTM maps
  • You will need to find various objects and put them together to complete a map

The Nightmare Paradox Map Pros and Cons


  • As this map is based on the CTM maps, so all details that you will be experiencing are extremely awesome and beautifully creative created
  • It also uses the theme of Dortor Who applied to the map as well. The overall details will pretty much remind you of the popular TV series
  • Moreover, if you have that pack that I mentioned above installed, you will be even more approaching to the visual experience that will double the fun parts of the map


  • You will need to download and install Paul101’s Travelling Tardis Resource Pack as well for the most exciting and interesting part of the map which provides the visual experience that will maximize the fun potential in this map as well

How to install The Nightmare Paradox Map

  1. Download The Nightmare Paradox Map from the link download below
  2. Don’t forget to download only one version that is the most compatible comparing to your game’s version as well
  3. Go to %appdata% and look for .minecraft folder
  4. Find saves folder and open it
  5. Copy and paste the downloaded map file into the saves folder
  6. All done, select the new map in-game and apply
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